New Home

Hey there!  I’m the blogger formerly known as “But Mom…” (no silly hand gestures required).  And although this annoying phrase still follows every request and order I give, I’ve decided to change my name.   Especially  now since new committments promise to usurp even more precious knitting time.  

So why have I moved? Technical inabilities made the mere act of adding buttons to my blogroll a challenge.  When Beta Blogger came out I signed up. This new version of the program proved awkward and unreversible.  Last night I clicked on an “Upgrade” link provided.  A warning claiming previous changes would be lost appeared, but when I tried t0 go back I accidentally “upgraded” instead of going back. All of the links, buttons and other personal additions I’d struggled so hard to include were lost.  Sailors would faint at the profanity which spewed forth.  Cats, kids and even my husband hid behind closed doors.   So, here I am trying a new Blog Service.  It will take several days before links are all restored, so if your name doesn’t appear in the blogroll it isn’t intentional.  I’m trying to recreate this from memory…  not a promising endeavor.  I may end up back at Blogger.

Last night A1 chose a companion for Juji.   Her name is Sasha and she’s still in the silent shock stage.  Juji, on the other hand, is beside himself with glee.  I’ve not seen such primping, fluffing of feathers and general showing off since my dating days.  Testosterone must be a tough burden to bear.



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8 responses to “New Home

  1. CindyCindy

    I haven’t upgraded for fear of hideous side effects. Seems my fears are well-founded. I do like your new blog, though. I’m adding to my bloglines. That way if you decide to go back to blogger, I’ll not lose you. I do understand the difficulty. I just don’t know what to do about it. I love the new name!

  2. Love the new name and the new look blog. You’re the second blogging pal (and knitter) I know who has moved over to wordpress in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been seriously considering doing the same thing, so am watching you all with avid interest. Let us know what you think. :o)
    P.S. Glad I’m not the only one who swears when blogger does a dummy spit. ;o)

  3. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  4. I still haven’t upgraded to the “new” Blogger for the same reasons.

  5. Welcome to your new world. You’re gonna love it here. I use WP for all my blogging, and it’s really the best!

  6. I *loved* having my own server until it crashed and I realized it really was too much to spend unnecessarily. I use ctrl+c and paste code regularly to a text document when I edit in blogger just because it’s not the most sophisticated app around. sigh. I really, really, really like your new name 😀

  7. Thanks for the invite to your new home!

    Love the name!

  8. I hope the new place works out – everything looks great and I love the new name!

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