The past several days have been quite hectic.  Most of yesterday was spent running errands and getting my ducks in a row for the job I’m applying for… what a bureaucratic quagmire.   Yesterday afternoon I pieced together A1’s quilt top.   Laundry and dishes are piling up so little, if anything, will be done with it today.  

Here are just a few quick pictures from home… not much to blog about, and certainly no new knitting 😦


Sasha, front left and Juji behind and to the right.  Juji is crazy in love with Sasha.  He literally cracks her millet from the dish and feeds her beak to beak.  They may not ever talk, but I’m so glad we picked up another parakeet. We just wouldn’t be able to give one the attention needed to keep him from being lonely.


A3 and Bonny fell asleep together and A2 didn’t want to miss a photo opportunity. 



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6 responses to “Updates

  1. V

    Good luck with the maddness of new work! The quilt top looks beautiful.

  2. You’ll have to keep us posted on the job and it’s particulars. I love seeing the girls and A1 looks so sweet with Bonny. A2 is most definitely “a girl.” I’m glad you moved from Blogger. I’m about to kick them, too. Nasty business, what.

  3. Sound like the prospective job is keeping you pretty busy already. But I have no doubt you will settle into a routine in no time. Thanks for the great pics around your house!!

  4. Sounds like everything is ‘systems go’ at your place! BTW, those are budgies you have there. ‘Budgerigars’ – they are native to Australia and that’s the correct name for them. Parakeet is a generic name, a bit like saying a car is a Toyota when you mean to say Prias if you know what I mean. Parakeet is just a small parrot – which they are of course, so more accurately you have two parakeets that happen to be budgies. Do you want to hit me yet? LOL

  5. In America, the name “Budgie” sounds too…British. No offense… :O)
    The quilt is BEEE-YOU-TEE-FUL! It’s lovely and bright and looks great! You’ll be teaching me something…
    Love, Karen

  6. I love the new look of your blog! And my, your budgies/parakeets are so gorgeous, such amazing colours! That last pic is just too cute, they’re all so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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