Snow Day

Friday evening my DH came home from Colorado so to celebrate the family went to the Oregon Zoo on Saturday.  It was very cold,  so there were few people to be seen at the outdoor exhibits and even the animals wisely chose to remain inside.   

Here are A1, A2 & A3 admiring the sea lions from the underwater viewing area.  My DH had a toasty warm head courtesy of his newly knitted hat, but alas, he’s already “misplaced” it.  When the girls or I can’t find something it’s because we’ve been irresponsible and lost it. If something of his disappears it’s because somebody else took it.  Ah, testosterone, it must be a tough burden to bear. Speaking of which, it was mating season for the mandrills and these are NOT shy animals. Enough said.

This morning’s shower Aria was briefly interupted by a phone call with breaking news that school was canceled and a lack of children at the center meant no work for me too.  What a bummer.  It’s amazing how just a few inches of snow can completely cripple the northwest.   And a phone call just several minutes ago confirmed my fears that no school tomorrow might result in another day at home if the center doesn’t have enough children.  Aack!  It’s only been one day of confinement and I’m going insane.  Can you imagine living in a one room cabin and being snowed in for months on end with people,  like back in the pioneer days?  I’d be insane.  Yup, crazy as a loon.  Thank heavens for electricity.  Now if I could only impress upon my daughters how lucky they are to not have to haul in firewood or snow to melt for water then maybe they would stop whining about being bored because they can’t see their friends.  Here is our house this evening.


I managed to knit a few rows on my cardigan.  Garments always appear as disheveled, amorphous blobs prior to blocking so this picture isn’t the greatest.  This will not be nearly as “tailored” as I’d hoped for, but  my fingers are crossed that it won’t fit like a potato sack.  I have a very long, narrow torso (obviously I’m not considering my arse to be part of my torso).  To find a sweater to fit me around means that that my midriff is often left exposed.   Not an attractive look for one of my maturity. 




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5 responses to “Snow Day

  1. What is it with men?? They just make no sense at all. Grrr. Oh well, we love them anyway. The trip to the zoo sounds like fun – little did you know you’d be snowed in at home and feel like you were still stuck in a zoo. 😦 I love the color of your sweater – can’t wait to see it in it’s non-blob-like state. 🙂

  2. V

    Dang, here I am praying for a snow day, and you’re getting too many. How is the job?? You’ve gone right? Or was that snow day on the very first day?

  3. Heidi

    I miss your chickens…. I loved when you would post about the chickens, cats and your knitting of course. House looks So comfy at night, and people dont realize how BIG Sea Lions really are. We had a snow day on Monday….glad it stopped snowing. For as much as I miss my son in the evening when I am at work, I cant live with him a whole day at home!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH the fighting between a 2yr and 8yr is unbelieveable!!!! You would think that they would be to far apart in age to irritate each other right – guess again!!!!

    The testosterone thing is SO rampant that it is a huge medical mystery…ya right. 🙂 Be thankful you have only 1 to deal with – I have 5. Not one of them has EVER lost a thing on thier own. 🙂 LOL

  4. Hi Heide! Hope your new job is going well 🙂 The Aran patterns are in the book, such as the Armadale (there’s a scarf in two formats that matches the hat), the Banais, etc. They all have Gaelic names. The more “plain” socks are not in the book. There are socks in both cuff down and toe up methods that use the patterns in the kilt hose – my favorite sock is the Banais.
    I really need to get caught up on my blog reading! Welcome to the world of excessive snow. Later…
    Gotta get to work myself!
    Take care – Marta

  5. The snow looks so pretty. I think the northeast is no different than St. Louis. We are crippled by anything other than partly cloudy. We have sunshine slow-downs, crippling ice storms, crippling storm falls. Lord, it takes nothing to shut down St. Louis. The sweater is so pretty. I died when I read about the zoo. Were there awkward questions??????

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