Hey there!  Once again the girls will be home from school because of a snow day.  At this rate there will be no summer break because of make up days.   There are lots of hills in our neighborhood and I’ve been promising the girls to take them sledding for days now. The inevitable can no longer be postponed. Images of Chevy Chase flying down the hill on his newly greased saucer in Christmas Vacation flash through my terrified brain.  And as much as I enjoy laughing at Clark Griswold’s angst, I really don’t want to be the source of entertainment for my more dignified neighbors.  This will definately take some physical and mental preparation on my part… and a small hill.  My little Mountain Dew thrill seekers will no doubt look for something steep… with a jump or two. 


 Yesterday A1 and a neighbor boy, “N”,  constructed snowmen throughout the neighborhood.  These were all made with the sole purpose of meeting gruesome deaths.   Some were pummeled with snow balls, others were knocked over with bicycles.   They were careful not to destroy sculptures that anybody else had built.  They may be wild, but they aren’t mean.  

Even so, A2 felt sorry for the snowmen so she set off on her own to build some snow animals.  Here we have a snow duck.


The other day she presented me with these handmade sculptures…


from left to right they include a dog, a vase with a flower and a cat… and the mystery medium?  She saved wax from the little cheese wheels she and her sister snacked on.   She’s creative, but I’m at a loss as to how, or if, I should save these.  Once a week I purge her bedroom of unusual art materials.  Her latest request is that I teach her to crochet.  Now I can crochet, but as I’ve attested to in the past, I prefer knitting.  But hey, if weekly room cleanings yield nothing more than yarn then I say bring on the hooks baby.



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  1. I say nourish the artist. Life throws enough crap at us. Encourage her all you can. The concept of cheese wax sculpture is really quite imaginative. I am impressed. And, the snow duck is too adorable. A1 is certainly coming into her own, isn’t she? I’m hoping you survive sledding. Or, if you can put it off long enough, the snow melts.

  2. That is so funny, the wax from the cheese! I wish we had snow (once a year) to play in out here. We have some great hills…

  3. How creative they are!!! Snowmen, snow ducks, and was cheese sculptures. Too cool!!!

  4. I just might have to recruit A2 to draw a guest comic strip for me! Quite the artist you’ve got there. And good for A1…practicing her targeting skills and self defense on the snow people. I say “snow people” because the world has gone politically correct on me and saying anything different gets me in trouble.


  5. Wax from cheese….that’s awesome! I have such a hard time trying to figure out what to do with all my guy’s stuff that he makes. It’s so cute but there is so much!

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