A last minute phone call from work saved me from sledding yesterday.  The girls all came to work with me and played with the other children.  They had fun even though they didn’t get to zip down snow-covered hills with wild abandon. This weekend will once again be spent playing catch up on laundry, housework, grocery shopping, etc.  My DH has drill with his guard unit so he’ll be absent.   Did I ever say that once upon a time I wanted to write and illustrate children’s books?  I have 7 stories written and pictures started (about 1/2 done) for two.  Too bad sleep is a requirement.   And how did I get this old this fast? 



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  1. No. You never told us you wanted to write children’s books and had 7 written and 2 books worth of illustrations completed. What a terrific accomplishment. It’s the follow-through that is so hard. Kinda like my Naturopathy degree. Have a good weekend and try to wrangle some relaxation into it somehow.

  2. Wow, how great that you are writing and illustrating your own books!! I’m so excited for you! I know they are going to be great and wish you much success.

  3. Books? That’s awesome!!

    My Dad was in the guard. My mom always hated those long weekends. We loved it because we got frozen pizzas:-)

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