Hi Diddly Ho Neighbor!

How was your weekend? Yesterday afternoon my girls and I went to the mall.   I hate crowds.  I hate shopping.  But they had been very good this week and A1 in particular has been begging me to bring her there since we moved to this area.  So we packed up and went on a drizzly Saturday afternoon.  Aaack!   There must have been nothing else going on yesterday because I swear that everyone in Vancouver was packed into Westfield Town Center.  And what’s worse is that everybody seemed to be grumpy and impatient.  We browsed, looked at the animals in the pet store and scouted out where things were for future reference.  Pride in my new-found tolerance of crowds bolstered my confidence so we went into a book store in search of “Who Took the Farmer‘s Hat?”.   Apparently this was one stop too many.  Composure be damned, I started to hyperventilate and felt an anxiety attack coming on.  I latched on to any available appendage on my girls and made a dash for the door.  Once outside my breathing returned to normal.  And after sitting in the van and drinking some water we were able to drive safely.  To alleviate some of the girls’ disappointment they all got a dipped ice cream cone on the way home.  It made them feel better and it eased some of the mommy guilt too.  Before that rather public display of human frailty I did pick up a daily calendar for 75% off.


Now let me share something with you about my family.  They possess warped senses of humor.  And in their pursuit of entertainment I often become the target of practical jokes, etc.  What could possibly be funny about scaring the wits out of a middle-aged, high strung woman?  I’m an easy mark, not much of a challenge.  In addition, at some point the fact that I prepare all of their meals and wash all of their clothes should be taken into consideration by these “comedians”.  So, should this…


appear again under my pillow,  in my shoes or in a dark corner then I may have to take revenge.   This may not look scary or real now, but when the room is dark it’s a friggin’ nightmare.  Some of you may recall the Quiz I had last year as part of a contest where I divulged my arachnophobia.  I never could, nor would I be a guest on Fear Factor

Now it’s off to start dinner and prepare for the work week.  I hope to stay awake long enough to watch the new episode of Battlestar Galactica tonight. Cheers.



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7 responses to “Hi Diddly Ho Neighbor!

  1. Oh yeah, crowded stores can really freak me out too. But at least you got a great calender (I’ve been loving my copy) and the girls got ice cream!! Ack, that spider thing is BBBAAADDD. Oh yes, you need to get revenge on them!!

  2. I hate crowds and shopping too. I think you did well to last as long as you did!!

  3. CindyCindy

    Oh jeez. Crowds. I haven’t reacted physically, yet, but I cannot stand them. I really dislike malls, too. I’m glad you were able to get out. I’m claustrophobic so when I feel the walls pressing in, get outta my way!!! I wonder where the senses of humor came from, huh? Besides, if you can’t get Mom, who can you get?

  4. CindyCindy

    P.S. you don’t remind me of Ned Flanders at all:)

  5. FRAK! That reminds me…I have to get a calendar! When the malls are that crowded, the parking lot is usually too full to find a spot, and I’ve given up long before I get claustrophobic. If only they had sidewalks, I could walk there–it’s less than a mile away.

  6. grrrr….playing upon one’s deepest fears under the guise of a prank is cause for disinheritance or disownment. I hope you’ve recovered.
    I hate, hate, hate crowds and will take near extreme lengths to avoid them. Sounds like you handled the situation just fine 🙂
    On another note, I wondered if I could pilfer your blog name for my soon to start weekly knitter’s lunch group with my students. I love it – very clever.

  7. Oy, poor you – I *so* feel with you, considering the fact that crowded malls get to me heavily too! I used to have my share of anxiety attacks in the past but manage to keep them at bay these days – but such heavily crowded malls will still always set them off – especially around XMas time when people seem to be shopping as if there’s no tomorrow – it’s just a nightmare, a real and true nightmare!
    And argh, what a spider! You sure seem to have a couple comedians over there in your house – best thing would be some good and nasty revenge indeed 😉

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