Well crap.  There is no longer any doubt that the phantom illness has invaded,  perhaps it was inevitable.  Advil, Sudafed and a thermos full of hot lemon water should suffice to get me through today and then it’s bed rest for the weekend.  No trip to Grandma’s house for the girls, no zoo outing this weekend.  There is a horse show at the Clark County fairgrounds so maybe I’ll run them over there to watch the Saturday evening performance.  It’s very close and the setting is informal… translation, I won’t have to drive in Portland traffic or wear make up.

I don’t want to sound petty or catty about the knitting talents of others (with an intro like that you know something unkind will follow),  and I fully appreciate the design talents of Jill Wolcott.  However,  this morning’s Stitch ‘N Bitch(please don’t sue me, I’m referring to your copyrighted name, and it is in the correct context) daily calendar page features a knitted Valentine’s Day Thong that had me shaking my head in disbelief.  It’s just that the thought of I-chord between my butt cheeks sounds so very uncomfortable.  Heck, any thong sounds uncomfortable, which leads me to believe that the entire concept was designed by a straight man.  I mean, is it really that difficult to obtain an extra few inches of fabric to cover the twin cheeks? If you or anybody you know will be knitting either this or the thong featured in the upcoming IK then please let me know who the intended recipient is and how he/she likes it!   Pictures modeling the finished product are completely unnecessary.  Really.



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  1. I’m so sorry you got sick. Get well fast, girl. And, a knitted thong is wrong on so many levels. Try and have a good weekend anyway.

  2. I saw that thong too and just laughed up a storm. When my SIL and I started knitting, we joked about knitting our underwear. Little did I know there would be pattern out soon, for our own convinience! Needless to say, I will not be making it and will be sticking to store-bought undies! 🙂

  3. I didn’t think this issue of IK was anything special at all. Some very odd design decisions in my opinion. How about that brown camisole with the ribbing outlining the nipples? Very attractive…not.

    Anyway, sorry you’re not feeling well. It’s inevitable in a preschool setting, but still you try.

  4. I saw it, laughed and threw the page in the bin. A male friend of mine mocked my knitting. I was going to knit him a mohair thong!!!

  5. {{{Hugs}}} I hope you feel better soon. I know how horrible it can be to have the flu.
    I can never understand thongs at all (do you know in some countries thongs are what you wear on your feet at the beach or something? We call them slippers.)

  6. In Monty Python’s The Holy Grail, they have the scene at the Castle Anthrax… “All we do all day is dressing, undressing, knitting exciting underwear…”.
    I’m not into butt floss, myself, but thanks anyway.
    Hugs, Karen O

  7. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been sick lately – hey, I’m sending lots of positive vibes and energies over to you from across the ocean, do get well soon, will you?
    And gosh, yes, I’ve also seen a pic of that knitted thong somewhere in blogland, and it cracked me up big time! How ridiculous ;)))

  8. I haven’t GOTTEN my Spring IK yet so I couldn’t tell you what I thought of it….bastards.


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