This morning’s hangover brought to you by…

Actifed.  Holy crapcycle Batman, I feel like I’ve just spent a night out on the town partying like a sailor.  You know, like when you wake up and find yourself on some strange beach with a tattoo of entwined naked women on your arm and you don’t remember getting it?  That pretty much describes my state of existence this morning… without the sandy cheeks and tasteless tattoo.  *Another day at home is in order because now A1 joins A2 in fever valley.  A3 is well and active.  Translation; she wreaked havoc yesterday, and the crash I just heard from the family room leads me to believe she’s healthy enough for school today. 

Even though Chrissy, my excellent boss, delivered my bag there was no knitting to be seen here yesterday.  I baked two loaves of bread, breadsticks and cinnamon rolls.  However, the cinnamon rolls were left in too long and as a result they would be sure to delight any Canadian youth as substitutes for pucks in a hockey match.  My mom would refer to them as “sinkers”.

Okay, so there is another Meme circulating.  In this one you’re supposed to divulge six secrets.  Well, I’m pretty much an open book.  The closest things I have to “secrets” have already been exposed here and here  So, if you’re really bored then go read these entries.  I tag nobody else with this one as we should all be spending our time knitting, quilting, exercising, etc.  rather than delving into the dark regions of our gray matter for past indescretions.  Furthermore, IF I was some Ian Fleming-type spy or if I really knew who the father of Anna Nicole’s baby was (and I do) then I’d never tell.

*Update: My Dh just called to inform me that he will come home and take care of our ill offspring so I can go to work.  He has paid sick leave… I don’t.  Later Gators.



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2 responses to “This morning’s hangover brought to you by…

  1. Cindy

    So, you know how it feels to wake up on the beach after a night out? Wow. I’m only familiar with lawns. Your husband rocks, doesnt’ he? Have a great day at work, stay well and have a wonderful weekend, won’t you?

  2. Sounds like life is a bit full-on in your household these days. Hope the kids get better real quick and that you find some time to knit.

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