Home again

Well, I don’t know if much was solved or resolved during the trip, but Alicia and I had a lot of quality talking time.  We parked in Seattle and walked around the Belltown area and the Seattle Center.  *Mundane moments of levity provided some much-needed stress relief and we found ourselves laughing at the **silliest things.  I do not know if her fiance’ will seek professional help or if they will stay together.  At the moment my concern is that she knows she isn’t alone.  She was safe when I left this morning.  Thank you all for your concerns, they are much appreciated, but I assure you that I would never knowing go into a dangerous situation.  I’d called her several times during the drive to make sure I wasn’t walking into a battle zone. 

During our blustery walk we happened across So Much Yarn.  I picked up some Cascade 220 in a heathered blue and a solid navy blue for the Ribby Cardi.  And Alicia bought me a copy of Knitter’s magazine which features some wonderful patterns using suede yarn.  I’d like to try that sometime.


I came home to discover that my industrious husband had cleaned our garage!  He’s really a good guy all in all… even if he does spend many hours playing Enemy Territory!  At least I know he’ll never have another woman, there isn’t time.

*People dress their dogs up in the strangest clothing sometimes.  I understand covering your dog’s feet during inclimate weather,  but really people,  do animals need hats to match their ugly sweaters? We witnessed some canine “What not to Wear” and the owners leading these critters around should have been ticketed by the ASPCA.  Apparently these poor souls are childless with too much money and time.

**Patchouli smells bad and does not hide the fact that you need a bath.  And just because you have a saxaphone with an open case on the sidewalk doesn’t mean that people are obligated to pay you as they pass.  Translation… you need lessons and do NOT follow me for 1/4 mile blowing that damned thing… I’m still not giving you any money. 

Oh, I almost forgot! While we were walking around Seattle we happened upon the statue of Chief Seattle.  I was delighted to see that some kind soul had wrapped a yellow scarf around his neck.  It must have been a knitter!



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4 responses to “Home again

  1. CindyCindy

    The Cascade will make a stunning Ribby Cardi. I’m sorry things weren’t resolved, but I’m glad you had a good time with your friend. I hope that she can find some peace in this relationship (or out of it). You’re a hell of a good friend to go to her when she needed you. I am so lame at games I don’t even know what Enemy Territory is! My niece Peanut tried to help me play one about snowboarding, but she finally took the controller away from me and asked me to please forget it. I was humbled. And, as far as the garden is concerned, maybe in sections or phases, huh?

  2. Glad everything went well and that you even managed a little stash enhancement whilst you were there. :o)

  3. I wish you would have had your camera to take a picture of the Chief! Sounds like you had fun and found treasures while you were out! Hugs, Karen

  4. Those are some beautiful blues. It’s making me want to make a blue tweed sweater now…
    Glad to hear you had such fun.

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