Ash Wednesday

 Today is Ash Wednesday.  This seems pretty late in the year, which means that Easter will be in April.  The retailers have already hit the Easter holiday marketing with a vengeance and now we’ll have to endure Cadbury Eggs and PAAS displays for a really long time.  I did dye yarn with a PAAS kit once and the colors were okay.  I just don’t know if they held or ran afterwards.  So, for those of you who observe Lent are you giving up anything?  My husband’s family was Catholic (they’re all deceased now), but the last time he went to Mass was… hmm, I don’t  remember.  My family is Lutheran and the Lutheran school my girls attended in Parkland observed Lent.  I’m not a terribly religious person.  In fact, one of my favorite bumper stickers read, “I don’ t have a problem with God, I just don’t like his fan club”.  That pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter.  But I am very supportive of those devout individuals and in support of your convictions I make the following offer. Give up sock knitting for Lent and I’ll do all in my power to help you out. Just send your best sock yarn to me and temptation to cast on will be alleviated.  By doing so you’ll remain steadfast and strong.   Jesus’ wilderness foray will be honored and you’ll remain true and pure to your beliefs.  To get my snail mail address send an email to hpresson at comcast dot net.  Kyrie, etc., etc. 



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7 responses to “Ash Wednesday

  1. Are you in dire need of new sock yarn?????? In your dreams.

  2. I just reread that comment and it was sarcastic. I hate sarcasm so I apologize. Now, a question. If I send my fancy yarn to you, does that mean you’ll knit ME socks????

  3. You are sooooo funny! Good luck with your Lenten project!

  4. Ahhh – I *so* agree with that bumper sticker – sums it up for me too! 😉 And LOL – good luck with your project for Lent!

  5. 🙂 Nice try . . . but I don’t do the Lent thing either. LOL

  6. My kids and my friend’s daughter are pushing for us to give up coffee. COFFEE!! Do they want us to be monster mommies for 40 DAYS?!?

    I’m giving up yelling at the children, which they do like (the giving up, not the yelling). Unfortunately, it usually goes down the tubes on Easter Sunday due to the over sugaring of the small people and their subsequent barbarism. Oh, well.

  7. What a sacrifice you are willing to make to help your fellow knitters 🙂

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