Isn’t this the most gorgeous yarn you’ve ever seen?   This would be sock weight yarn dyed by none other than Mama-E, and it is a brand new colorway called “Heide“.  Yes, that’s right, it’s named after me!  Last month I was a co-winner in a contest she held and having a custom colorway dyed and named after you was the prize.  This is the absolute coolest thing.  Thank you Erin!

My DH is still sick, but in their infinate wisdom (Sarcastic tone of typing used here), our HMO doesn’t believe he needs a chest x-ray or to have an appointment unless he’s still sick next week.  I nagged the crap out him until he called back and requested prescription cough syrup with codeine.  The coughing begins every time he lays down so he’d been unable to sleep. 

Speaking of our HMO, today was the neurology appointment I’d been waiting for since October.  The doctor was really nice and extremely thorough.  My main goal was to increase one of my prescriptions to help fight fatigue, but the request was postponed indefinately.  Her concern is that even though stimulation will help me accomplish more that it might be detrimental in the long run because I’d be doing too much.  However, short of winning a lottery there is little which would alleviate the necessity for me to work.  And since the laundry, cooking, housework, etc. still need to be done I don’t see a way out of those tasks either.  These are just the typical issues faced by everybody nowadays.  This is why coffee has been and will remain my friend!  

Today  is my Grandma Eva’s birthday.  She would have been 91.  I miss Grandma, she’s the one who taught me how to knit when I was 10 years old.  She was one of the kindest and most straight forward people I’ve ever met.  In fact, when dealing with daily b.s. I often ask myself, “What would Grandma have said or done?”  Nobody ever was able to pull the wool over her eyes.  Get it, wool…? Ha ha. 

Hope everyone has a delightful and safe weekend.  And don’t forget to go order lots of this yarn from Mama-E!  Supporting Indie artists rocks. 



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  1. CindyCindy

    Your Grandma Eva sounds like a wonderful person. The medical machine is daunting and infuriating and we can’t live without it. Damn. I’m sorry you can’t get the help you wanted, but it sounds like the neurologist really has your best interests at heart (which is wonderful on so many levels). Doesn’t help the problem, does it? I do not have your issues, but my problem is the same. The work needs to be done, only 24 hours in a day, nobody else to do it, WTF? I LOVE YOUR YARN. It’s beautiful Heide yarn. The colors are so bright and cheery. Have a good weekend kiddo and I sure hope “B” gets well fast. I hate my HMO, too.

  2. Gorgeous yarn. It looks just like you. ;o)

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