Gak Attack!

Many of you with small children will recognize gak  as that slippery, silly putty-type substance used as a sensory toy in schools.   Today my boss came into my classroom and said, “I just want you to know that A***** isn’t hurt, but you need to be prepared.”  Now I’ve never claimed to be a brilliant or exceptional parent. Experience with her older sisters, as well as the past exploits of A3 herself have taught me to expect just about anything.  But even the most seasoned veteran of motherhood panics just a little with an introduction like that.  So when Chrissy came in and presented me with this…


I was quite relieved and just a little dissappointed.  True, it is a mess. A3 is currently soaking in a tub of warm water.  Several different compounds were applied, but with little success at dislodging this gooey mess.  This is not surprizing though considering the main ingredient is glue.  My lunch break is just about over now and if the gak is still there when it’s time to go back then we’ll make an appointment for the beauty parlor on the way home.  I’m a little bummed because she had/has (note the very optimistic present tense used too) beautiful hair, but in the overall scheme of things this is nothing.  I’m also amused that my boss was so nervous about telling me.  I guess in past similar situations some parents have really freaked out.  They must lead boring lives. Cheers!



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9 responses to “Gak Attack!

  1. Hopefully, she can keep the hair, but I’m pretty sure it will grow back and what is the matter with parents that lose it anyway? Kids are kids and they do stupid stuff. To be brutal, so do we. A3 does have gorgeous hair, but it’ll still be gorgeous if she has to get it cut (and it might be a good lesson one way or the other). And, I have never heard of GAK although that was my reaction when I saw the picture.

  2. I hope you can get it out. Although, the hair will grow back. I’m glad it wasn’t anything horrible.

  3. Good attitude Heide. Yes it will grow back and will be a learning lesson for A3, but what a shame – she does have lovely hair. Kids. Life is never dull with them in our lives right!

  4. Ted Nugent VanHalen

    Citrol. Orange can, buy at an automotive place, it’ll take it out. Then wash the hair with regular shampoo. -Out.

  5. Mom

    Maybe she’s going for the Brittany Spears look.

  6. Some kid stuck bubblegum on my hair in kindergarten, at the drinking water tap. My mom had to cut out the bit of hair it was stuck to. My hair recovered very nicely, though. Perhaps ice would have worked with the gum.

  7. That’s definitely a very good attitude that you’re having! And oy – I sure hope you can get that stuff out somehow! At least it’s pink 😉

  8. I don’t have a little one (mines 21) but I remember when Gak came out. Nasty stuff; I guess that’s why the kids love it so much 🙂

    I hope it comes out; maybe the hairdressers will have something that gets it out. If not, you’re right, it’ll grown back.

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