The gak was finally removed via conventional methods.   And while driving A3 back to school yesterday she proclaimed, “I’ve learned a valuable lesson.  Never try to make a gak necklace, Mom.”   Sage words from one so young.  I will try and remember to never wear accessories made of glue. 

CPR and HIV awareness training ran very late last night and this morning brings another 3 hour session of Early Childhood Development class.  I love school, but the necessary information taught could be summed up in about 45 minutes.  The rest of the time is devoted to touchy-feely getting to know your neighbor exercises.  And because the instructor has a PHD she talks to the rest of us like we’re mentally challenged.  Last week went fine until she pulled out the Mongolian gongs and clanged them together following an “enlightening comment” I made so that we all could reflect upon my statement.  Uhm, yeah, I was being a cynical smart ass, but she totally missed that.  Anyway, coffee amounts will be doubled and extra care will be taken to keep quiet.  

In other non-knitting news, I have no fingerprints.  The Washington State Patrol sent my cards back.  Apparently too much hand washing and the use of chemicals, such as bleach, will eat away fingerprints.  Who’d have thunk it.  The agency who originally printed me said to wear gloves, avoid frequent hand washing and to use no harsh chemicals to see if they grow back.  Today we’ll try fingerprinting again, but I’m not very hopeful of readable results.  I bleach everything at work and wash my hands about 20 times a day.  Gloves were worn whenever possible, but some tasks can’t be performed in them.  Should this print attempt fail (it’s an electronic scan) then I’ll need to drive up to Olympia and have them taken there.  Maybe I can knock off a bank or a yarn store on the way since physical evidence would be minimalized.  Okay, bad idea.

I’ve cast off the body and picked up a sleeve on the top down cardigan.  No knitting time has occured since the pick up though.  This is turning into a long-term project.   



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2 responses to “Success

  1. You have no fingerprints????? Whatever would the CSI people do? Also, it’s hard as heck to check someone’s record when they have no prints. Were you printed for the military? Did your prints disappear after that? I’m intriqued. I’m also grateful little one didn’t have to get her hair cut. It’s good to know that a necklace made of glue is not a good idea.

  2. Maybe they could print your feet. Or do a retina scan. I guess a couple pairs of latex-type gloves will be in order. Good luck!
    Glad the gak came out!
    Hugs, Karen

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