I know this isn’t a new video, but I love watching it.  I cheer for Pinky every time.


Scout has started a Tattoo Meme .  It amazes me how many people out there have tattoos.    Sadly, I can’t participate in this public sharing forum though, as I’m seriously lacking in the tattoo department.  I can’t even fake it and put down what I’d have as a fantasy tattoo because nothing comes to mind.  Although once I put a temporary Batman tattoo on my right butt cheek as a joke right before surgery.  Does this count?  Not that I have a thing for Batman mind you, but rather it was a bad pun and attempt at levity on my part. When nurses, etc. inquired I planned on telling them it was Buttman.  Only one of the people who saw it seemed even slightly amused and he just wanted to know where Robin was.  



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  1. CindyCindy

    You are warped. I love you.

  2. Rufus, Rosemary and Ruby all cheer for Pinky too!!!

  3. Heidi

    Robin joke was funny…. LOL 🙂 I would have thought that was gross and inapropriate, but would have laughed my rearend off!!!!! Here KITTY! LOL 🙂 You are so lucky to be able to plant seeds already…..we have 2 feet of snow from the last 6 days – it has snowed like crazy here in Wis…

  4. I wonder what ever happened to that cat? Someone needs to post a follow up. I almost got a Looney Tunes “Taz” tattoo on my arm (how original) in my early 20s…thankfully I never got THAT drunk…oh wait…you know better. Thankfully I never found the time to get a tattoo because I was too busy drinking.

    Everyone should have a Buttman tattoo on right before surgery…puts the surgeon in a good mood!

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