I say, lovely weather we’re having!

Yesterday, Sunday, was spent weeding and planting in some of the flower beds in the front yard.   I hope to finish the rest this week.

My girls and their friend decided it was bathing suit/short weather so they had a mini beach party, without the beach.  They played volleyball, wore beach attire, listened to really loud music and ate hotdogs. 


I had to be a party pooper and turn the volume down on several occasions though.  Not that I care if the neighbors are disturbed, but rather because I couldn’t stand it.  The friend had brought several rap cds.  Enough said.  And this coming from a former headbanger!

Still ka nitting on the same old sweater.  I’m using size 1 needles, so progress seems really slow.  Later!



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3 responses to “I say, lovely weather we’re having!

  1. Love the flowers. And, I also like the lines of your tree. Do you know what kind it is? Take care and have a good evening.

  2. Your house and garden look so inviting. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a lush green lawn, I’d almost forgotten that it was possible. (sigh)

  3. LOL – I love the “former headbanger” thing! ;))) This seems to have been the perfect day for the girls – gosh, and I thought it’s already very warm over here… Well, we certainly don’t have any shorts- and bathing suit weather already, but hey, we’re getting there! Soon! ;))) Your garden and the house look absolutely beautiful by the way, as Terri said, really inviting indeed!

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