Just let it go…

That’s the theme for today.  Mornings usually errupt into yelling matches with last minute scrambling to get everyone out the door with their backpacks, books, lunches, projects, etc. necessary for the day.  And even when items are laid out the night before (I’m sure the more organized among you will helpfully suggest this) the obstacles of grooming and dressing often cause strife and delays.  I used to be adamant that my girls all be dressed in outfits with matching accessories.  Their hair was combed, parted evenly and arranged neatly.  I personally scrubbed their faces and hands. Teeth were inspected prior to departure.  I welcomed their independence so that my own personal appearance could once again be tended to.  Here’s where the warning about being careful what you wish for comes into play.

The girls are indeed able to dress themselves now.  But in these later years A1 has deemed my clothing selections to be boring.  I often consider hers to be socially unacceptable.  Some morning outfit changes take forever and end in neither of us being happy.

A2 could care less what she wears or if it is clean or dirty.   She’s more concerned with insects, reptiles and other scientific distractions. So even when she’s dressed I still have to make sure she didn’t wear the same thing the day prior, sleep in it and just roll out of bed “ready for the day.”  

A3 presents a completely different challenge.  She is very particular about what she’ll wear, but she has the most ecclectic taste of anybody I’ve ever met.  The clothing combinations never cease to amaze me and she could rival any bag lady in appearance. 

This morning A3 proudly dressed herself and came into the kitchen for breakfast.  That’s when I had an epiphany of sorts. Rather than nag, plead or demand that she change clothes I simply went into the office and made her a new necklace.  She proudly wore the new necklace to school and my fear of CPS paying us a visit for child neglect was alleviated.


With this battle eliminated we made it to day care in record time and I even arrived early for my class downtown.  So early in fact that I pulled out the long-neglected cardigan in hopes of adding a few rows.  But alas, it had slipped off of the dp needles during travel and there was significant damage. I struggled in vain to pick up stitches sans crochet hook and to replicate the lost pattern where necessary.  Finally I decided to let it go.  Several inches were frogged back and it’s been secured once again. This time on circular needles. Please excuse the lousy picture.  I’ve just worked 9 1/2 hours and I’m currently cooking dinner so editing time is non-existent.   Cheers! 


* Update. Well crap.  The smoke alarm just let me know that the spinach was burning. The black eyed peas are still quite el-dente.  The okra and cornbread haven’t even been started. We’re eating cereal tonight.



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10 responses to “Just let it go…

  1. Liz

    I just had to delurk to tell you I will be stealing your necklace idea!!! Every morning is a battle with my 6 yr old Emily. I just know the teachers must wonder what I’m thinking letting her leave the house in her choice of the day.

    God love our kids…And we’re in big trouble when they hit the teens, get too much fashion sense (bellies hanging out), and they will once again be wearing a necklace that says, “I dressed myself. And Mom hates it!” lol

  2. Ted Nugent VanHalen

    Black eyed peas, cornbread, and Okra?!?!? Well shut my mouth, when Y’all vitin’ me over for some?

  3. I sympathize. Mine get lost in the middle of getting dressed. I will come back into the room after brushing my teeth and find my DD sitting in her underpants, freezing, seemingly unable to figure out WHAT COMES NEXT. Shouldn’t let them watch TV…

  4. A3 sounds exactly like our Lil Bit. She’s now 20 and designs and makes her own clothes. Her mother gave up years ago. I don’t know how you do it.

  5. Heidi

    That is SO funny!!! Boys are bad too…. they are much like A2. Why would you have to put on clean underwear every day if there is not a ‘spot’ in them….you know what i mean too – How are you liking your new home? Sorry I have not been around much – work kicks my butt. 🙂 You sure look good!! 🙂

  6. OK, you are brilliant! 🙂

  7. And now, looking at Knittybaby, I realized I need one for him that says, “My brother draws on me with markers.”

  8. I am such a huge fan of letting kids make all the decisions they can right from the beginning. If it’s within the school dress code and half-way appropriate for the weather, it’s fine with me 🙂 . Those kids who can’t turn around without approval from mom and arrive looking like someone’s china doll have my sympathy. We’re raising independent, creative achievers, Heide…even if we’re always waiting an extra 15 minutes for them every morning.

    Can’t wait to see more of the sweater!

  9. Brilliant. Love the necklace. Very cute child too I have to say. :o) A friend’s child went for several weeks wearing a pair of pantyhose on her head (her long hair she said) and refused to go anywhere without wearing them. My friend was as patient as a saint. The child eventually forgot about them and normality returned. :o) You’ve gotta love that creative flair in kids!

  10. I love your solution to A3’s choice of attire! 🙂

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