Just a quick check in.  Tomorrow my class will be taped and my interactions with the children will be evaluated.  I’m a complete wreck.  It doesn’t matter that everyone else will be taped and evaluated too.  It doesn’t matter that only faculty members and people also taking the early childhood devolopment class will watch the end result. 

I’m heading back to work in about an hour to make sure that everything is perfectly spotless, that the various learning centers are meticulously organized and to triple check all lesson plans and supplies. 

And for the record, the RockStar Energy Drinks are completely useless.  I’ll need strong coffee to accomplish all tasks tonight.

*Update:  I’m home.  The room looks pretty much the same in spite of the extra work.  I’m beyond caring.   In fact, I don’t give a crap about anything right now.



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  1. You’ll be terrific. :o)

  2. Like I said before, ham it up. And keep a couple snacks that looks just a little bit like crayons or pink erasers, pull them out of your desk drawer and look like you’re stealthily chewing on them. Then go up to the camera and smear lipstick very sloppily on your face and do a little dance. Relax…enjoy! Loved the sign. A3 looks like Emma on any given day!
    Love, Karen

  3. Oh sweetie – don’t stress yourself out!! I just know you will do great. You are awesome!

  4. I would be nervous, too, but you know your stuff and you’ll do great. We’re all pulling for you!!!

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