Holy cow, these are some old pictures from a lifetime ago!  These were taken during my Air Force days back when I was in my 20s .  My girls got a good case of the giggles when they saw these, especially the one of mom with an M-16.  They have a hard time imagining me having any kind of a life other than what they’re familiar with.  This ignorance might be a blessing.  After all, there are some things you just don’t want or need to know about your parents.  

Notice the maiden name?  While I was in training down in Biloxi, MS my then boyfriend sent me an engagement ring with post-it notes stuck on the top as a proposal.  He then called later and asked if I’d received the ring.  He also inquired   if I wanted to keep my maiden name or hyphenate it with his last name if my answer was yes.  Obviously I accepted the proposal, but the answer was an emphatic “NO!” on both modern/feminist name choices.  I opted for tradition and ditched what had been a childhood albatross for something English and pronounceable. As I age though I kind of miss the unique surname. 




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  1. CindyCindy

    I would think that the girls might be just a tad concerned that Mom is trained in hand to hand combat. I know it would have scared the pidoodle out of me. I have always thought the military would be a very good training ground for an awful lot of life. Have a great weekend.

  2. Cindy, you are too funny. The Air Force isn’t exactly the Marines when it comes to physical training. And although I did enjoy shooting the M-16, my best defense against an attacker would have been to soil myself and hope that they left in disgust.

  3. There’s the Heide I remember! I should see if I can find my pic of me all done up in camo make up, hiding amongst the nettles in your back yard. I think when I took the self-defense portion of a tae kwon do class at university, they said to soil yourself and rip off their ear. Ew. Then you can hand it to the ER people and say, “when you find the owner, be sure to arrest him.”

  4. Wow, you look absolutely stunning with the M16! I really like the fact that you went for the traditional way and took the name of your husband – but you’re right, usually the day comes sooner or later when we’ll miss what was originally ours, especially when it’s been a unique surname 😉

  5. That is fantastic! Isn’t it fun to find such pictures lying around the house and showing them to people that didn’t know you then. I’m fortunate to have known you during that time and saw that version of you in blues every day after classes…but never the war-like Heide in the second picture…glad I never pissed you off (to the best of my knowledge) :-). That second one that makes you look like an extra from one of those old Delta Force movies…the Chuck Norris movies from the 80s (I just bought a pack that included them, that’s why they’re fresh in my mind). Hope all is well!

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