Why is this  a featured headlines when something like this is found only as a footnote in major publications?  Hello, we’re talking about our food supply!

Hopefully the media is just out of touch with readers.  Perish the thought that Simon Crowell’s snide remarks and the exploits of Britney Spears really are all that people care about.

Clunk, scrape, crash, “Oh s&*@!” That was the sound of me falling  stepping off of the soap box. Rant free reading ahead.

I let B (the aforementioned DH) choose his colors for the slippers since he has waited so *patiently.  He picked several shades of blue from the Cascade 220 collection.  This means the Ribby Cardi will require another trip to the yarn store or ebay prior to casting on.  No big deal.

*I’ve yet to determine how to convey sarcasm while typing.  Each and every time he pulls out his old slippers the whining begins. Heck, the holes in the bottoms aren’t that big.



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5 responses to “Priorities?

  1. I understand about the quitting thing. Dive in and do it. And, what is it with the news anymore? I’m so sick of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith, Brangelina and the rest of them, I could scream. And, yes, we have alot to be concerned about environmentally, don’t we? Take care, kiddo!

  2. TruckRLady

    tell B to “get over it”! Be happy he even has slippers….even if they are old. I too gave up on the news and the price of gas..ugh! Both too repetitive and depressing. As far as quitting…you have to take care of #1 first…the heck with the rest. After all, you have a garden to plant 😉

  3. Do you want some irises? I have zillions. Love, K

  4. Congrats on making the leap. You can’t do a real job hunt while still employed. You need to be available to find the right job, not JUST another job. Good luck!

  5. I’ll have to think twice the next time I swat one of those bees to the ground and stomp on him. Sad that this is pushed back as a “secondary” story…I had no idea that bees were so important.

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