Happy Birthday!

Today is the day my sister, Jackie,  once again celebrates the anniversary of her 39th trip around the sun.   And what better way for her to celebrate than with the news she received yesterday… her son, Justin, was accepted at the University of Washington where he’s going to study chemical engineering.  I’m glad that one branch of our family enjoys higher cerebral powers.  We will meet later this month or in early April to have lunch and go garage sale-ing to mark the auspicious occasion.  She may only be a size 1, but never stand in the way of her and a bargain… you will be tossed aside like yesterday’s newspaper.   I often let her run interference for me and then shop undisturbed in her wake.


Here we are back in 1968… it’s probably the only picture I dare post of the two of us without inciting her wrath!  The picture quality sucks, apparently this suffered water damage while in storage.  She’s the older girl with hair and I’d be the short bald one.



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5 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Send our congratulations to Justin on becoming a Huskie! Fantastic choice. Because as we all know, friends don’t let friends even apply to that other place (Pullman). ick

  2. And a Happy Birthday to Jackie. And, her son …..many congrats. You all must be very proud. Take care, kiddo.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister and congrats to her son!

  4. Hey, KitKat–watch your language! My inlaws would be outraged (meow!)! Not I…I went to one of those universities with a football team that no one pays any attention to. Happy birthday, Jackie! Congrats, Justin! Hugs, Heide!

  5. Happy birthday to Jackie – and what a perfect gift she got – congratulations and all the very best to her son! I love that pic, by the way!

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