Knitting & Wildlife Pictures!

Without hesitation I present…


Cotton sweater, pattern unknown, size 2T


Chenille baby hat w/lamb buttons, pattern also unknown.

And as much as I would love to claim these adorable knits as my own I must confess that they are not from my needles, but rather from those of my friend, Zoe.  She and her husband, Dan, came over last night for an evening of visiting. 

Get this, she actually asked me, “Would you be offended if I brought out my knitting?” Not only was I not offended, I’m astounded that she even asked!

My own knitting has been confined to making a pair of felted slippers… zzz. Not exactly photo worthy.

This morning while baking biscuits a stream of sunshine taunted me through the blinds.  So during my weekly foraging trip for groceries in the urban jungle I ventured out to the gardening department.  There I purchased strawberry plants, a dwarf Braeburn apple tree, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme plants (I know it’s corny, but because of the Scarborough Fair song I always have to plant all of them together).  Raised garden beds will not be an affordable option this year, but I used my garden claw to till up the soil and mix in peat moss, composted chicken and steer manure and some other soil.  Planting will be done in small sections with “natural” pathways left in between the cultivated patches.

While pulling weeds I happened upon this little fellow.


He/she may be a tad scared, but A3 was delighted to hold him for his closeup.

And just in case this isn’t enough wildlife for you, this creature was discovered in our dining room.


Please excuse the poor photo quality.  The barbieasaurus is known for  speed as well as her impeccable fashion sense.  My kids could give Sid from Toy Story a run for his money when it comes to dissecting the mundane and reassembling them into strange, mutant toys.



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3 responses to “Knitting & Wildlife Pictures!

  1. The Barbiesaurus is hilarious!! Hopefully I’ll be able to swing down and see you in the next couple of weeks to add to your garden a little. Maybe you can build a little bed for the irises to live…after I find a place to store them before they die. Love, KO

  2. Maybe I would actually have played with my Barbie if she had been a Barbiesaurus. I spent my time figuring out how many parts from GI Joe you could exchange with Barbie when I wasn’t blowing up plastic models of battleships down at the creek.

  3. Oh man, the Barbieasaurus damn near made me fall off my chair. Looks like something I would find around my house. That is hilarious!

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