Blue Monday

Today I got the blues and they made me ecstatic and giddily happy!  No, I haven’t taken too much medication.  Check this out…


This is the March installment of Scout’s Indie Swag.  Both the color  and the sock pattern are called, “Marina Piccola” and they were inspired by a visit to Capri, Italy by none other than the talented Kate Gilbert, who also designed this pattern.  My pictures do not serve justice to the yarn.  It is incredibly shiny and there are lovely shades of turquoise and pale green infused with the blues.

And this wasn’t the only pick-me-up following a long, dreary and drizzly Monday of work.  I came home from work to find that my DH had cooked dinner!  Holy Moly Batman, what a great start to the week.  Cheers.



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6 responses to “Blue Monday

  1. So glad you like it. Isn’t the pattern amazing?

  2. Wow, the yarn and the pattern look gorgeous. Can’t wait to see these on the go!! Glad your week is off to a good start. :o)

  3. Wow! These socks are going to be absolutely awesome – what a really beautiful pattern! And the yarn!!! Yummy!

  4. Wow…beautiful socks and yarn. I’ve been brewing a sock plan myself as a little pocket commerce. Oh, hey, thanks (much belated, btw) for the mention on the book – you’re really TOO kind! I *promise* to make headway on the new and improved one this summer. Would you be interested in testing at all? I know you’re super busy but…. email, if you want info polekatz at juno dot com.
    Things are crazy here but from all I catch from your blog, only half as busy as you and your family. How do you do it?! One more month to go for me then I get to put my head up for air. Oh…this was also a while ago – on the costs of working for someone else, some place else: I stayed home for eight years and did things at home (on line business, a little web design, commissioned projects, the patterns, etc). Take a look at my friend, Nancy’s, website if you want to see a great example – . She’s moved up your way, btw – she’s in Seattle now.

  5. Isn’t it pretty?? I think this was my favorite yarn of all six months. And the pattern is gorgeous!! Can’t wait for our charts to get here. 🙂

  6. And a beautiful beautiful blue it is. What gorgeous yarn. I love it. Thanks for the sympathy about the arthritis. I take as little as I have to, but for the most part I try to ignore it. And, your DH cooked dinner. What a guy. Have a great week and take care.

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