We didn’t go visit my parents this weekend because their goat died.  Poor Sarah the goat!  Several years ago she was injured and ended up lame as a result.  She learned to walk and hop/skip with her bad leg pretty well. She enjoyed playing with Sadie, their dog. And she still ate only the choicest of roses and bedding plants out of Mom’s garden, even when reaching them required extra effort. Well, the lame leg became infected again and this time she couldn’t pull through.  

The girls were very disappointed at not going to Grandma & Grandpa’s.  And to compound their misery they were forced to run errands with me all morning.  Not much of a spring break. So as an attempt to alleviate my guilt a reward I took them swimming at the YMCA this afternoon.  All the way there I congratulated myself at the foresight for remembering to bring along my knitting. Clever knitter!  Normally I’d sit idly, wishing I had something to keep me busy.  However, partially because I’ve ceased caring what others think about seeing me in a bathing suit, and because they asked so sweetly, I joined them in the pool. As a result no knitting was done at that time. So much for being prepared.

After washing the dinner dishes this evening I pulled out the neglected project only to discover this (cue ominous music here)… 


Yes my friends, those are TWO broken Brittany Birch knitting needles.  Both of them snapped like twigs.  I love Brittany needles, but this has happened far too many times for me to justify investing more money in this brand.  It’s the third pair in a row that has broken during use or normal travel. I know that they guarantee their needles for replacement, but I just don’t have time to wait. The Clover Bamboo needles aren’t as pretty, but they are more durable.  Heck, wood just might be eschewed altogether and Skacel Addi Turbo circulars might be purchased instead.  I planned on heading over to a LYS in the morning anyway to pick up some more Cascade 220.   While there I’ll see if they have any of the new Skacel lace needles too.  Plans to make a lace shawl are underway.



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6 responses to “Aarrgh!

  1. Oops – no, that’s not fun at all to see these broken needles – especially as you said this happened to you before with Brittany needles. They should definitely be a bit more durable, and I can well imagine that you’ve had it now with them! Beautiful knitting by the way!

  2. I HATE when that happens. I have quite a collection of cheap metal Boyle’s now and a couple of nice Addi circs. I even broke a rosewood needle (I had gotten it on sale). Made me really mad. I’m sorry about poor Sarah the goat, but it sounds like you had fun swimming with the girls. This time with them will end soon enough. Then, you’ll have too much time for knitting. Take care, kiddo.

  3. So sorry to hear about Sarah. Sounds like she had a good life though, and I love the part about her eating the choice roses and plants. 🙂 I’ve had a breakage with one of my Brittany needles too – never did bother to send it back for a replacement. Instead I always reach for my Knit Picks needles!!

  4. Oh, that SAME exact thing happened to me. Not the goat. The broken Brittany’s. And, no, I won’t wait for a replacement. I’m going to look into getting some aluminum or other non-wood needles. It’s just too disappointing.

  5. Poor little Sarah the Goat. When I figured out that circular needles had been invented I rewrote everything for them that I used to do on DPNs. So no broken Brittany’s here! I do love the feel of Lantern Moon ebonys and rosewoods though I don’t own any. Maybe they would be stronger? (and very pricey)

  6. What rotten luck with the needles. My only Brittany Birch needles are DPs and I’ve never had any problem with them. Maybe it’s just the regular needles because they’re a bit longer perhaps? Sorry about your parent’s pet goat. That’s too sad. Poor thing. Sounds like it had a good life at your parent’s home though.

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