When not in Rome…

Still do as the Romans.  Or in this case, when you can’t watch Scout‘s television dyeing tutorial on DIY’s Knitty Gritty, then dye something at home and pretend you’re watching it!  From all accounts, Scout rocked the Hand Painting tutorial and I eagerly await the re-broadcast on HGTV.  Here are the three skeins I over-dyed yesterday.   These were all yarns that I wasn’t completely in love with and probably wouldn’t have ever used while in their former state.  Will they be used now?  Who knows, but coloring them was a blast.


And just a quick reminder to myself, “Self, even though you have no intentions of ever touching the wet yarn or sticking your hands into the dye bath still wear gloves.  You always end up touching it.  Always.”


My hands looked like something from Shaun of the Dead.   Remember the zombies from this movie knitted by CakeyVoice? Anyway, I had to answer a myriad of questions from the little tykes in my class in the afternoon and there were some curious glances from adults as well. 

I’m almost finished with knitting the body of the Ribby Cardi sweater.  Hopefully the finishing won’t be too much of a bear.  There are several projects waiting to be cast on and the sleeves of the red lace cardigan still need to be re-knit (once I decide on a pattern that I like). 

Off to feed the kidlets and take care of daily duties.  Cheers!

*edited: HOLY MOLY!  HEAD ON OVER TO DAVE’s TO CHECK OUT HIS MORNING VIEW!  WHO NEEDS CABLE?! Makes me feel like a pedophile though.  It is rather ironic that the men at a construction site are the ones being oggled instead of them calling out and wolf-whistling at passers by.



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3 responses to “When not in Rome…

  1. I love the dye jobs. I cannot wait to see those knit up. And, yes, I have the same issue with dyeing. I wear it no matter what I do. I didn’t get to see Scout either. I sure hope to heck it’s rerun, and soon. I am bumming about it. And, as long as you aren’t exhausted, the money helps I’m sure. Do you like working parttime or do you feel that you can’t give it what you want?

  2. I’d love to see the yarn up close & personal–it sure looks pretty on the blog! I went over to Dave’s site and that’s some great looking construction work! I’ve got the song “YMCA” going through my head…the NEW Village People… is Boston considered a village…? Good luck with the new manicure 🙂
    Love, K

  3. Oh, yeah, no matter how many times you tell yourself you won’t touch the dyebath, you WILL touch it. I know, I did it yesterday, too. I have back fingernails. (They look like they are going to fall off!)
    Gotta love construction workers who are cute. 😉

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