actual 4 leaf clover found while walking back from the bus stop this morning. 

What a sad Friday the 13th.  This morning’s blog perusal revealed that DylanThomas, Cindy’s dear companion, had passed away.  Poor Cindy, poor Mum and poor DT! 

1500 yards of Kona 100% wool in fingering weight was dyed this morning for the Starlight evening wrap.  The goal was for something reminiscent of the cold, winter waters of the Washington coast.  These colors aren’t quite as stormy and gray as the actual Pacific Ocean, but I still like them.  I fear that adding a little black or brown over dye might make the colors too murky.


I need to complete the finishing on two sweaters before casting on this shawl.  It’s going to be hard.  For many of us, myself included, finishing is the most dreaded of knitting tasks and beginning is the most delightful.

Although Cindy’s loss has dampened spirits so that even casting on sounds sad and inappropriate.  I’m going to hug my kids, pets and maybe even my husband.



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  1. CindyCindy

    I was able to say good-bye to my boy this morning. The doctor said he went peacefully and for that I am grateful. As for casting on your Starlight stole, ooooh, please do. I’m so excited and I love your dyed yarn. It’s absolutely stunning. I know you have projects going, but you don’t have a stole going do you? I’m not much help on monogamous knitting am I?

  2. It is incredible how our little fur-kids are so much a part of our lives. When two of mine left on different paths — one suddenly, the other slowly — both incidents tore me apart. Now I have their ashes in a beautiful urn and photographs to remind me of happier times. Hugs!

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