Home again, home again with a low grade fever, headache, sore throat, etc., etc. Even though my work hours have been reduced I’m still exposed to the same little germs by the same little germ carriers.  Others in this field tell me that after about a year one’s immunity builds up.  Aaaaa! This may sound selfish, but I don’t want another 8 months of feeling this way. 

Here’s an updated picture of the red top-down cardigan. 


The two-tone blue Ribby Cardi is completed with the exception of the zipper.  I plan on re-reading Grumperina’s tutorial/experiences regarding her own recent zipper installation prior to beginning. 

The owner of the local yarn store said that the yarn for the Harry Potter socks should be in next week.  I’ve chosen a Fair Isle pattern from Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks.  This link has a button that says “View more images”.  If you click on that and then click on choices “9-12” then you can kind of see the sock.  It is the bottom version, except that mine will be worked in the two house colors rather than the suggested three colors. IF possible then a house initial may somehow be incorporated as well… that’s a mighty big if. 

Tonight I’m finally casting on Anne Hanson’s Starlight Wrap Shawl. Yeah! I didn’t want any other WIP’s nagging, whining or otherwise harassing and distracting me from the lace pattern.

Everything else is status quo here.  The kids are having one last after-dinner play session outside and the cats are napping.  But where is my DH?   If you follow me quietly then maybe we can catch him in his natural habitat.  Oh heck, go ahead and be loud, he’s wearing headphones.




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  1. 8 more months of being at the mercy of the germs from those cute little carriers??? Say it isn’t so. I hope you are feeling better soon. Poor little red cardi, too bad Mr. Frog got to it. 😦 Can’t wait to see your lace wrap though. I wish my DH had a habitat like that!! Pea’s natural habitat is usually anywhere I am, bugging me! LOL

  2. It is not selfish to want to stay well. I’m sorry you’re still fighting those nasty germs. As for DH, all I can say is “men and their toys”. At least he’s happy and not underfoot, right? I’m sorry about the red cardi, but I do understand and I cannot wait until you have pics of the Starlight stole. Your yarn is gorgeous!!!!!!

  3. Well, if you look for a more…ahem…sanitary job in the next 8 months, it could be to your benefit. 🙂
    The yarn has a nice texture to it there. And it goes so well with frogs, too.
    Does hubby use a backpack? I thought I was the only one doing that these days.

  4. I love that yarn! I loved it more in sweater form, rather than a stole for the frog. I thought maybe you had come over to our house and took a picture of Kelly for a second, but then I realized–Kelly doesn’t wear headphones! We all get to enjoy the blood-curdling screams. Ah!!!
    Love, Karen

  5. Must be a male thing. My husband strikes a similar pose on a very regular basis. The funniest thing though is when he has his headphones on thinking he’s being quiet and in actual fact the noise is booming through the house. Silly man. :o)

  6. Sorry to see you had to frog your sweater. That picture looks like my husband too while playing his computer games. LOL Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sorry the package isn’t for you! Aren’t exchanges fun?

  7. I had to borrow your “Non-knitting Trivia” it was so fun to do, thanks!! Sorry about the red sweater, but on the upside, the yarn is beautiful and will make something beautiful eventually…

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