Happy May Day!

This will be the first May Day in years where we’ve not delivered flowers to our neighbors’ doors.  I miss Penny, Becky, Crystal and Christy from Spanaway. The girls especially took great delight in hanging the little handmade baskets on the handles.  *Update!

Only 4 more days until Packwood!  I’m finding it hard to sleep or focus on work.  Obviously I don’t get out much.  No new knitting to share this morning.  Yesterday being Monday and all there were lots of errands, etc.  Today I’m checking up on the Hogwart’s sock yarn again.  Hopefully the shipment has arrived.  Cheers all!

* While in the garage loading towels into the washing machine the doorbell rang. Who in the world would be here at 7:45?  Why it was none other than my own girls surprizing me with my very own basket of flowers.  A3 (the ham in the picture) made them in her Kindergarten class yesterday.  Very sweet!




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4 responses to “Happy May Day!

  1. What a great flower basket!! (And little cutie, too!!)

  2. What a neat surprise. Your A-team can rock, can’t they? Happy May oneth!

  3. I think the hanging of the May Day basket of flowers thing is a Washington State thing. I’d completely forgotten about it! We moved to Denver from Seattle (Auburn actually) when I was in grade school and around there they had no idea WTF we were talking about. They also had no idea why my brother and I were dragging flat little boats behind our bicycles. What? People in Colorado don’t know a hydroplane when they see one? Wouldn’t know a SeaFair if it bit them where?

    See you Friday!

  4. TruckRLady

    lol…serves you right to be served by your own…payback isn’t always bad 🙂
    See, the girls really do love you. I never knew of the basket thing, but the highlight of Mayday for us was that good ole fashioned May pole dance. Especially those (chofffchock) wonderful (ehhum) outfits we had to wear while weaving beautiful ribbon designs around a tall pole, trying not to tie a not of course, in the gymnasium in front of what seemed like everyone on the planet. (standing room only in most cases) Actually, I have to confess, I thought it was alot of fun and do miss that. After that we had field day and soon after was the last day of school…another thing you get to look forward to in approx 6 weeks (or about 35 days of school or less)
    :)…………..still miss me now 🙂

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