I’m overwhelmed…

but in a good way.  Today I picked up a package from Kimberly, my Knitter’s Treat Exchange spoiler and she was unbelievably generous. 


Where to begin?  

~ A copy of Vogue Knitting which is full of beautiful patterns as well as some great reviews regarding yarns.  

~The most adorable felted Koala Pattern  from Fiber Trends along with all of the yarn will now be cast on during  the weekend knitting get away.

~Gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn in the Peacock colorway… destined to become Monkey Socks.

~Two large bags of coffee, one is “Snick A Doodle” and the other is “Vanilla Hazlenut”.

~A bottle of Autocrat Coffee Syrup… a local product from Rhode Island which I’ve yet to try

~A tin of Winter Solstace scented Heal My Hands .  I am a loyal HMH customer, but to date I’ve only used the unscented and the Lavender Mint.  This new smell is light and delightful.

~A bottle of Vanilla Lace body lotion which smells as wonderful as its name.

~2 of the largest bars of chocolate I’ve ever seen in my life.  They are the size of small surfboards and they’ll accompany me on the weekend trip.

~A much-needed magnetic notepad with a matching picture frame

~A small pocket knife

~A box of chocolate “Rocks” from Rhode Island.  I swear these do not look like candy, they really do look like rocks!

~A very pretty card with a wonderful letter.  I can’t wait to go listen to her friend, Guido’s, podcast over at “It’s a Purl Man” to unravel a mystery behind one of the items (I don’t know which item until I hear the podcast). THANK YOU Kimberly.  I am very grateful and completely in awe of your kindness and of the amazing gifts.



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2 responses to “I’m overwhelmed…

  1. Hi Heide!
    I had a blast shopping for you. Glad to see you are enjoying everything. Can’t wait to see the Monkeys!
    Bunny hugs,

  2. What a wonderful box – can’t wait to see the socks!! Safe and fun travels!

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