Photo Summary

The Packwood trip proved delightful beyond reckoning.  Only sheer exhaustion prevents me from gushing.  That will take place following sleep. In the meantime, here’s the quick and dirty of the weekend:

The unsuspecting town of Packwood, as viewed from on high


The Cabin, complete with Judie on the balcony


The participants from left to right

 Standing: Penny, me, Blogless Kim, Nancy, Judie, Susan

 Kneeling/sitting: Famous Jessica and Wylielea


The provisions


More provisions


The mascot


The new drink, the Sip Sip Knit, complete with knitting needles and “ball of yarn”


These women were unbelievable and their knitting and spinning left me in awe.  Many pictures of their knitting, spinning and of Penny’s scrapbooking class were taken and will be posted later.  I feel as if I’ve made new friends and hopefully we’ll all meet again.   



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11 responses to “Photo Summary

  1. Jessica

    I’m so glad you came! It was great meeting you and thanks for getting pics up so fast.

  2. I’m envious already! Looks like a wonderful time.

  3. Wow! You got those pics up so fast! Unbelievable! It was so great meeting you! Keep in touch

  4. Me too me too!! I’m so tired I barely got my photos downloaded. Stay tuned tomorrow.
    p.s. The corn bread pan is getting cleaned up pretty fast. Some one (knitting hubby) enjoyed corn bread and jelly for dinner. Yum!

  5. Gosh, I want to come too. I know you ladies made a memory to last you forever. What a treat.

  6. Susan Bones

    Hey, from Hogwarts. Glad you enjoyed your weekend! And I love that SSK.

  7. LOL Sip Sip Knit!!! I love it! Glad you had a wonderful time.

  8. So, are you going to tell us how to make a Sip Sip Knit? I’m so glad you had a good time. It sounds like a blast. Can’t wait to hear more.

  9. Wow! Your pics are great!! We sure enjoyed having you with us. It felt like we have knit with you forever. Make sure you come next time. Keep in touch. Oh, I am always available if you need help with something.

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