Catching Up

It’s official! Two resignation letters finally resulted in me being cut to a substitute at work.  To offset the financial losses I’ve resumed ebay sales again.  Because the old listing skills are rather rusty only a few items at a time will be offered.  BUT (notice it is a big but) I started out with books… and there are knitting books!  If anybody out there is interested in expanding their library then here’s a link.

The house… yikes.  The cobwebs, dust, dirty windows, walls needing painting, etc. all require immediate attention.  And then there’s the yard.  I don’t know how families with both parents working full-time manage to still live like civilized people, but we failed miserably. 

Speaking of “civilized”… last night while folding the ubiquitous laundry we popped in “Beowulf and Grendel” from Netflix.  This is quite possibly the worst movie ever made… and still we watched it.  Mostly as a distraction from the monotony of trying to find mates for mismatched socks.  Any singles left after today will meet with a strange demise.

Cheers all!



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4 responses to “Catching Up

  1. I’m sorry about the money end of it, but having to work full time and maintain a home, etc., can be overwhelming. I’m glad you’ll be able to keep up with the substituting. That sounds more doable. As for the movie, does it matter that I have never heard of it?

  2. Did you own the SSC book before we talked about it at Packwood? It makes me smile every time I flip through it. I am still so tired from this weekend! Knitting hubby left on the early morning flight and I never did fall back to sleep good. Yarg…

  3. Too funny! I too have told my hubby that I want all lonely socks and gloves. Especially the stretchy ones. He stays in charge of that for hunting season. I don’t know if I’ll make any SSC’s or if the mismatches will be donated to a worthy SSC cause. We’ll see when I have some in my possession. Anywho, what pattern did you use for your raglan cardi you wore in packwood. The more I am think about it the more I like the pattern.

  4. Glad you got your hours cut. That is what you wanted, right?
    Are you as tired as the rest of us?
    Tom & Adrian got my website up & really running last night. Take a look when you get a chance. Criticisms are welcome. I’d love it if you “linked me”.
    Again, we sure enjoyed having you with us in Packwood.

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