Penny and Judie, thank you for the information about the OTT light!  I’ve pilfered my husband’s birth control reading glasses and they seem to help some, but the light will definately be on my wish list. 

While up in Packwood Jessica (Kinky Jessica) had a really nifty sock in progress needle holder.  I’ve been scouring the internet in hopes of finding one, but to no avail.  My crack dealer yarn supplier, Scout, wasn’t familiar with them either.  Jessica, if you read this will you please let me know where and how you acquired it.  I’m forever knocking my socks off of the ends of the double points and sometimes, Heaven forbid, I even break the needles. 

Today my sister drove down for a visit.  She was a very good sport and accompanied me to a LYS where I picked up this…


It is *cotton destined to be a **summer tank top.  Casting on this will be my reward for finishing the HP socks.  Because the DH is out with co-workers I need to go concentrate all of my efforts on rounding up the youngin’s for bed.  It’s like herding cats. Later!

*The yarn is Berroco Touche .  It is a 50/50 blend of cotton and modal.  Most 100% cottons hurt my hands, but this feels very soft and drapey.

** I haven’t decided yet if I want to make the Prairie Tunic or the Picot Camisole.  Both come from the Spring 2006 edition of IK.  



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  1. Nancy

    Heide, I found the dbl point needleholders on click on specials.

  2. That yarn is so awesome! What is it? Do tell…. And pattern? You did not mention which pattern you were going to use.

  3. OMG! Heide! It’s fate! It’s Karma! My dearest friend, Nancy ( ), just moved out there to work for Amazon and is begging me to come out, my BF is saying he’s burnt out and in mid-life crisis and wants to go to the NW…”let’s just move *there* baby, instead of across town.” My uncle and cousin and their families live there…I’m not finding jobs here…and you, unprompted, out-of-the-blue, say “Move to Washington, we need teachers!” :-O If it weren’t for the ex… I’d never move the kids that far from him unless I really *couldn’t* find work. sigh…someday. Oh, and this is just a funny coincidence, maybe a military thing – BF calls his old army-issued glasses “birth control” glasses, heh. Thanks for always looking (even if I wasn’t consistent about posting), always encouraging, always cheerful with deep thoughts about important things. Let me know if you like the book…I’d like to run new patterns by you over the summer for review, if you don’t mind. Would you mind send me your email addy to polekatz at juno dot com?

  4. Oh oh oh, I vote for the Prairie Tunic! I’d be knittin’ something like that if I weighed oh…lotso-pounds lighter.

  5. Love the color of the yarn. It’ll be so pretty with your coloring. Can’t wait to see what you decide. I’m still slugging away at the Cotton/Angora cardi. I do think the cotton blends make them less painful to knit. I would love an Ott lite. Sometimes Lowe’s has them on sale. Take care.

  6. Gillian

    I love the sheen on that yarn. I’m always looking for a yarn that drapes beautifully and has a sheen but at a budget price. It’s an on-going hobby.
    The colour is lovely tooand I’m sure it will look wonderful whatever you knit.
    Cheers Gillian

  7. Ahhh, this is some gorgeous yarn! Can’t wait to see the top you’re going to make with it!

  8. Lovely yarn Heide, can’t wait to see your top in progress. I’ve tagged you for a game. The details are on my blog. It’s just for fun though, you don’t have to take part if you don’t want to.

  9. Rae

    I vote for the Praire Tunic also!!!!!!!!

  10. Jessica

    ( )
    Check this out. They have contact info there. Hope this helps.

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