Yarn for a Great Cause

Spring is fundraising time for so many worthy charities and organizations.  One which is near and dear to my heart is the Cystic Fibrosis foundation.  My friend, Karen, has two children with CF.  Each year she and her family participate in the Great Strides walk in Seattle.  Next weekend is their walk.  To help support her team, Big Ben and the Emmagizers, I am donating one very beautiful, hand dyed skein of Scout’s Swag sock yarn in her Rosalie colorway.  How this works:  Head on over to the Big Ben and the Emmagizer’s donation page.  Make a donation there and then leave a comment here to let me know you’ve done so.  On Friday all who’ve contributed will be entered into a random drawing and the winner will receive this luscious prize.  And the donations are 100% tax deductable too!


I love you Rosalie, but this is a fabulous honor!

Karl the Koala weathered his second trip through the washing machine with no permanent damage.  He’s now a compact version of his former self and he’s been completed with needle felted eyes to render him safe for infants and small children.  I’ll definately be making more of these little fellows.


Here is a link to a picture of a wooden version of the sock-in-progress needles holder.    My brother, David, is quite the wood worker so maybe he can take a gander at this!  Thank you everyone for the links to the shop selling the tin 1800’s repos.  I’ve called back and they do have the holders in stock.  The person I spoke with wasn’t able to tell me who made them for her.  I was hoping to pass some information about them directly on to Scout so she could see about carrying them in her shop too.  Happy Mother’s Day!



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10 responses to “Yarn for a Great Cause

  1. Okay, now he looks like a koala. You should make him some friends. My real stuffed koala (we got as a wedding gift so many years ago) has a wee one attached to her back. So cute.
    Happy Mother’s Day.

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  3. Gillian

    Kute Koala is looking just gorgeous. And he seems to be up a gum tree! The babies are carried in a pouch at the front like kangaroos but do like to sit out piggy-back style when basking in the sun up in the trees.
    cheers Gillian

  4. Gillian

    ps “up a gum tree” means a bit lost and not sure where to go, in oz slang!

  5. Ms Koala is so cute I didn’t even notice kitty kat X.

  6. Your koala is adorable. Which girl gets it or is it a gift? Are those roses for Mom’s day? They are so pretty. BTW, I’ve hopped over to Karen’s site and made a contribution to the CF walk. Wish her the best for me, will ya?

  7. I tried to leave a note on Cindy’s blog, but it didn’t like my password & ID, then it wouldn’t let me leave it anonymously. Thank you Cindy!! I donated myself…do I get in on the drawing, too? 🙂 No, I haven’t finished that pair of socks yet. I didn’t finish one sock….I think I need smaller needles–they seem like they’ll be pretty sloppy when I’m done. Maybe I need a weekend of personal one-on-one instruction. Considering my “Mother’s Day” yesterday, I think I need a weekend away.
    Love, Karen

  8. Donation made. Thanks for doing this!

  9. Jeanie

    Can I be included in the raffle? John and I will be walking with Big Ben & the Emmagizers, and we have fundraised 150% of our goal. The yarn is beeee-autiful!


  10. Hi! Me again! I just got an email from an OLD SCA friend (not that she’s old, but I’ve known her for almost 20 years) who is a new knitter. I sent her a note about the fundraiser and she sent a donation. I then referred her to this blog, so maybe she’ll come and visit soon!
    Karen O

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