A Quickie

An unexpected call to work has me dashing to post before heading in… regularly scheduled activities will resume at a later date.    A few minutes ago a strange noise echoed through the garage.  Upon opening the door I was greeted by the neighbor’s horse dog, Johan.


Johan shouldered past me into the house and took the grande tour.  My kitties were not pleased.  After coaxing him back out to the garage **(you can’t force 150+ pound dog to do anything he doesn’t choose to do) I took a picture of him with A3 and her friend from next door.

Knitting progress… hmmm.  Okay, so willpower isn’t one of my strong points.  Gauge was not possible with the weight of this yarn and the two patterns I’d previously chosen. But I couldn’t resist casting on with this yarn, so I’m winging it on the tank top.  I really will finish the Hufflepuff socks.  Really.


Don’t forget to make a donation and enter the drawing for yarn down below.  Later!

** My neighbors informed me that at last check Johann weighed 185 pounds.  Holy Crap!



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8 responses to “A Quickie

  1. TruckRLady

    awe………what a cutie! If Johan ever needs a new home tell him I will welcome him with open arms and he can even wear a whiskey barrel if he likes. We even get lots of snow for him to chill in during the winter 😉

  2. Our little Grover is just as tall as Johan. I pray that he doesn’t ever get up to 150 lbs. Oy. That’s a sobering thought. Oh, and the girls look adorable. On the tank top? You are very brave and you’re my hero.

  3. Wow, that is one large dog!! I look forward to seeing how the tank top goes – I really want to do the prarie tank this summer… I tagged you for the seven weird things meme on my blog 🙂 Finally, my husband makes tons of fun of me for this, but I bought a tin clip on light at the hardware store that I use to help me see, when I am knitting with little black yarn. I put a spotlight in it, and it really works well to give me some light and save my eyes and my mind. Its basic and not pretty, but it may help with the hufflepuff socks (and it was $5.99).

  4. Holy crap! That dog is ginormous!

  5. Many thanks to Coleen for her donation to CFF! We have $440 to go to reach our goal! I don’t think we’ll reach it by Saturday, but we can keep taking donations through the end of the month to count for the walk. Give that little poochie a big squeeze for me!
    Karen O

  6. The horse, er the dog reminds me of one that used to live in our neighbourhood when I was a kid. Its tongue was as big as my hand.

  7. OMG saddle ‘im up and ride em, cowboy! What a great dog…in oh-so-many ways. It’s a good thing those humongous dogs are usually very sweet and docile ones 😉

  8. That dog’s tongue is bigger than your daughter’s head! Eww.
    And I hope that kitties recover soon. It’s all about territories.

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