Hey there! just a note to let you all know about a contest being held over at Ali‘s blog.  All you need to do is leave a comment there, post your summer knitting goals on your blog and then email Ali and let her know you’ve done so.  Also, let her know who referred you to her contest too. 

Without fanfare or cheering crowds here is my “To Knit” list for the summer months:

1. Finish all WIPs (two pairs of socks and a sweater right now)

2. Toys for Christmas gifts

3. Anne Hansen’s Starlight Evening Wrap

4. As many squares as possible for the rebuilding Greensburg project

That’s about all.  Now off for a nap, I pulled an early shift at work this morning.



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  1. Hi! I’d post some “knit plans” but I really don’t have any. Maybe I’ll borrow from that idea and post my “quilt plans”. 🙂 I’m going to look at other quilt blogs and see if I can find some contests that would be more appealing to my sense of artistry. Nothin’ against knitters–just not my passion (for now…). Love, K

  2. Well, that’s certainly a good list of plans that you have! Mind you, I *so* can’t wait to see the Starlight Evening Wrap!

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