The end is nigh!

Hey there, today is the last day to make a donation over at Karen & Kelly’s CF site to be entered into the drawing for the lovely sock yarn.  If you do then just leave a comment several posts down and you’re in.  The yarn is fabulous and the cause is great.

Also, Miss S. over at KitKatKnit is having a contest to win a mitten knitting kit. All you need to do is view the snippet of a photo and correctly guess where it was taken.  It’s art-related. I’m clueless.

Now it’s time to go inhale my coffee before traipsing off to work… yes, to the job I’ve quit twice before. Later gators!



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2 responses to “The end is nigh!

  1. Thanks for mentioning my contest! I’m pretty sure I even talked about Imogene Cunningham during one of the Packwood happy hours. But who listens to a tipsy knitter talking about photographers….

  2. Ok. I went over to Kitkatknit and looked and I KNOW that photo. I’ve seen it and for the life of me I cannot remember. I’d be depressed, but it is so typical of me. I hope you get it! Have a great weekend. I mean, now that you’re semi-retired and all:)

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