This will be quick because I’m exhausted.  Partially because of work but also because heat just seems to wipe me out.  My left side is acting out a bit so knitting and spinning will be set aside for a few days and I’m going to re-read the Harry Potter books in anticipation of the new movie and release of the final book.  I’ve still got one whole sock to finish for the Hogwart’s Sock Swap.  What I wouldn’t give now for some of Mrs. Weasley’s enchanted needles… or a new body!  Good night!



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  1. hehe – I forgot about the enchanted needles! I could really use some of those too!!

  2. Ooh no, I don’t think I’d like to have enchanted needles. I’d miss all the fun. I’m definitely process driven. Love it all – every stitch. :o) Hope you spark up again soon. Nothing more tiring than feeling exhausted. LOL.

  3. Oh yes, enchanted needles – a pair of them for me too, please! I hope you’ll be feeling much better and full with energy again soon!

  4. I’ve been thinking about re-reading the last HP book myself. I not only want the enchanted needles, but I also want the clock that tells where everyone is and when. As for the heat, damn I’m sorry about that. I don’t like the heat, but it doesn’t whip me. Just take care, K?

  5. Hey, Heide! I’d just love to be able to say the magic word and make everything in the room pack itself, like Harry’s school trunk. Then I’d levitate it all into the POD! I’m getting really sore from all this packing and moving, and you know I’m doing it ALL myself. Things aren’t packed as tightly as I wanted it to be, but I didn’t have any blankets to stuff into the holes–just quilts (which I wouldn’t want to risk ruining!) I’ll call you after I do the drop off!
    Love, K

  6. I was wiped out yesterday too. Got in an oz or so of spinning, a few rows of knitting and then fell asleep till the season finale of The Riches.

  7. 😦 For someone who, by all rights, should be taking it easy most of the time, you are a whirlwind of productivity…rest up and read a good book!

  8. Can you believe that the weather went from late winter right into midsummer? Where was spring, the slow and gradual adapting of the seasons? I’m with you. I’d rather be reading than touching wool right now. 🙂

  9. Take it easy on yourself. I know that the drastric weather changes is hard on everyone. I’d love a little Chimmney Dust for another Packwood weekend.

  10. I hope a good rest and a good book will have you feeling much better in no time. My friend just revealed to us that she was diagnosed with MS over three years ago, and it’s so hard to see both of you going through the hardships. I was thinking of you both (and Beekeeper’s Granddaughter Nancy too)when I donated to Claudia’s MS Ride the other day. Let’s hope they can find a cure soon!

  11. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    Hang in there girly – summer is coming and school will be out for all any day now. Take faith in knowing that you don’t have to worry about tornados anytime there is a storm on the way 😉

  12. Jessica

    I started re-reading number one 2 days ago. I definitely think it is a wise step.

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