My oh my,

where does the time go?   Last week I worked everyday except for Thursday.  This had been booked way in advance as my first ever field trip chaperone experience!  A1 and her fellow fifth graders were set to tour the Bonneville Dam.  I had been there once before back in the 1970’s.  I remember walking  across the dam and into Oregon and there was a walkway around one of the giant turbines. You could almost feel the electricity in the air around those monstrously large machines.  I told the girls in my group about those as well as the salmon ladders, water release shutes, etc. 

We boarded the school bus mid-morning for the dam field trip and I staked out the seat directly behind the bus driver. My hopes were to knit on the way and catch up on a few UFOs.   The hour and 1/2 long journey there was filled with boisterous singing and much bouncing.  For some silly reason I assumed that shocks would have been improved since my bus-riding days 25+ years ago. Knitting was so not possible.  Upon arriving  we discovered that most of the dam had been closed to tours in the name of Homeland Security.  So let’s see… we could walk around the salmon ladders or view the turbines from way on high behind a glass wall.  Needless to say my group became bored and they started acting quite silly.


Our next stop was at Cascade Locks, Oregon for a picnic lunch followed by a journey up the road to a sturgeon hatchery.  Those things are huge!  When nobody was looking we stuck our hands in the tanks and tried to touch one.

I slept the rest of the way home in spite of the student sing-off in the rear of the bus.  I had taken some Dramamine in the morning and it causes drowsiness. And admittedly those youngin’s really wore me out too.

Later that same night we had to go shopping for a new vehicle.  Blech.  Because of the afore-mentioned field trip I was just a tad cranky and not in the mood to dicker or wait for a consultation between a salesman and his manager, discuss financing options (I had called our credit union the previous day for a loan), etc.  To expedite the process I began by telling the eager young car dealer the story of our last automobile purchase. 

The condensed version goes something like this:  B (the DH) needed a commuter car. I was pregnant and we had our very small girls with us.  We knew we wanted a Toyota Echo and vast amounts of research had been done via the internet. The car was found, we were ushered into a cubicle and the bargaining began.  After nearly an hour the girls were tired and crying.  It was hot and my Dh and the salesmen showed no sign of reaching a compromise anytime soon.  So I packed the girls up, carried them out to the van and proceeded to buckle them into their carseats.  B followed me with the diaper bag and the salesmen soon caught up.  Before I pulled away I told my DH to either buy the car or catch a taxi and we left. 

I don’t think this new fellow believed my story because he laughed and then looked at my husband as if seeking assurance that this never had happened.  A solemn, yet affirmative nod from my husband curtailed his jovial mood and we got down to business.   I won’t bore you with details. In the end I don’t believe we got a smokin’ deal, nor do I feel like we were slimed.  Negotiations were minimal and cordial. We ended up buying another van.  The trucks beckoned, but one would have been so unpractical and expensive to drive.  My youngest was devastated to leave our old van behind and she sobbed unconsolably.  She vowed to make enough money to buy it back someday.  She kept a bolt off it as a souvenir.  The license plate frame was salvaged and is set for installation once our new plates arrive.

On Friday I worked late and didn’t get home until after 6:00pm. There was no way possible to make it down to Powell’s in time to hear Stephanie.  Maybe she’ll be back around next year.  It sounds like those who went had a delightful time. 

Small amounts of spinning have yielded this centerpiece for our dining room table.   I am so addicted.  Only a lack of raw material has prevented me from making more.  And although it is nowhere near the level of Dave’s spinning I can see an improvement.

And finally, today (Sunday) the girls and I drove to Rochester to watch my nephew graduate.  Not only did he graduate from high school, but because he participated in Running Start he is also receiving his A.A. degree this next Friday.  In September he will attend the University of Washington.  We are very proud of him.  Here his is cutting the celebratory cake with my sister.

He was injured in a motorcycle accident several weeks back, but luckily he’s doing better now.  It seems like people I know just keep getting hurt and boy, is it nerve racking.  I’m a worrier.



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5 responses to “My oh my,

  1. Congrats to your nephew!! My nephew donned the traditional flat cap as well. He was accepted and will be attending the culinary school at BTC in the fall (horray!). He’s really excited about being a chef and wants to be on Hell’s Kitchen. We gave him a big book from the Culinary Institute of America on becoming a Professional Chef. This book is huge–it gives the Webster’s Dictionary a run for its money. I got some senior pictures of the handsome bloke…I keep thinking about submitting them to a modeling agency. WOW! Of course, he gets his good looks from OUR side of the family. BIG HUGS, K.

  2. I know what you mean…I’m a worrier, too. And your handspun came out SOO, SOO nice! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. : )

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes! And I’m very glad to hear that you decided to give spinning another try! It’s turned out to be my favorite craft so far (even though it leads to bags and bags of yarn that I don’t know what to do with). I spent some of yesterday putting together possible project bags. “If I spin some more of this it will go really well with this…” Anyway, glad you’re doing well!

  4. The field trip sounds like it was fun, except for the anal Homeland Security rules. Fifth-grades would be at the top of my terror-watch list. So, a new car. I’m so sorry, but also so happy for you. This means you will be able to drive without a new battery, tires, brakes, etc. for a while. We won’t discuss the payments. Oh, and your spinning is so good. You’ve improved mightily girl. Take care.

  5. I think this whole “quitting the job” thing is a complete ruse. ;-D
    I really hate buying cars or anything that might involve haggling. The last time I bought a car on my own, they kept me in the place all day, wearing my down so I didn’t see the incredibly high interest rate on the final papers. Since then, I just send “the man” out to get it and don’t worry about it. heh.
    Congratulations to your nephew – that’s great! Hope he’s all healed up soon.

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