It’s been a long time since I’ve actually finished anything, but here is a rather tamed down and simpler version of the tank top started last month.  Because none of the more unusual designs were fitting properly it was frogged (repeatedly) and finally  finished with some simple I chords.  

I’m quite pale and starting to get a farmer’s tan in a few places. The things you learn from photographs. 

We switched Tasha’s cat food last week from her long-time staple to Friskies loaf style canned food.  It isn’t recommended by veterinarians or pet dieticians anywhere that I know of.  But she is gaining some weight back and has perked up quite a bit.  The extra fat and calories would probably be akin to feeding one’s child at McDonald’s all of the time, but in her case they were needed so she’ll continue to eat kitty junk food.

A1 is such a silly girl.

And let it be known that I hereby vow to finally cast on the second HP sock tonight… really.

*edited to add that I’m actually tempted to sew after seeing these! http://stardustshoes.blogspot.com/2006/10/cloth-shoe-pattern.html



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11 responses to “A FO?

  1. Awww yummy – the tank turned out so beautifully! I’m totally impressed, it seems to fit so perfectly, and I certainly love the way you finished it with the I chords! It sure gave you quite some headaches while knitting it, but it’s been so worth it! Great job, Heide, absolutely!
    And yay for the kitty’s junk food – we’re doing the same with ours and she’s gaining a bit more weight too – and that’s so important as I was so worried too with her running around like a skeleton! I’m afraid ours won’t be around much longer, so these last weeks/months she has can well be spent with munching everything she likes to eat! Our cats should be happy and satisfied, that’s what counts, what do you think?

  2. What a great picture of you, A1 and Tasha! Love the tank…you have the figure for it and it looks fantastic.

  3. The tank looks awesome!!

  4. Marta, I cheated and held my breath during the “photo shoot” so that my tummy wouldn’t stick out, but thank you for the compliment. Sshhh!

  5. Your tank turned out beautifully. Nice job, kiddo. Seriously, dude. The color and the style look great on you. I kinda feel the same about Tasha. Spoil her rotten with junk food if that’s what she wants and it’s helping. It can’t hurt at this point. I wish we could get together to dye and spin, too. I’m not great, but sometimes sitting with someone and watching them makes a world of difference. It did for me.

  6. I think the tank came out fantastic! I love the wall in A1’s room with the flower stencils on it. I once had flower power stickers on my bedroom wall, the first time around that they were popular. We feed Rosemary (15 yr old katgirl) all the canned junk food she can eat just to get some meat on her bones too.

  7. The tank looks amazing! It was worth all the work and the frogging to have it fit that well! And in my world, pale with slight farmers tan is the new black.

  8. LOVE the details on the tank, and it turned out so well.
    Glad to hear kitty is doing better. How old is Tasha? When my Mr. Bambi started losing weight because of his advanced years, we fed him that same food, and it helped. Of course, he also got plenty of people food like shrimp and chicken.

  9. I think the only reasons vets don’t recommend grocery store foods is that a) they’re getting paid to promote a name brand food, and b) most cats who eat the high-fat foods end up fat. If you have a skinny kitty, that’s not really an issue, is it? It’s like the kids with CF–they don’t absorb fats well, so they get to eat hot dogs and fries and cheese-laiden nachos and ice cream and whole milk. Mmmm! It’s the one benefit to the disease. Love, K

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention… the sweater is beautiful! I love the color!

  11. The tank top looks great. Love that shade of green. :o)

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