Grumpy McNasty

That would be my nickname this morning following a long day yesterday.  I really wanted to catch up on things around the house but once again they were short-handed at work.  The girls were able to stay home with their father (he was home due to a doctor’s appointment) so they were happy. 

Anyway, because I was with the older children in the third through sixth grade class I  ventured to pull out the notorious HP sock during recess. Afterall, the sun was shining (we’ve discussed the light issue and black yarn about a million times) and I could multi-task between knitting and cheering on a kick-ball game. 

A mere 1/2 round into the sock and two outs later knitting came to a screeching halt. One of the fifth grade girls who wasn’t playing came up and sat down by me.  For one split second I laid my fourth needle on the picnic table while reminding everyone to drink their water.  During that fateful time my dear, sweet little needle was picked up and snapped by the student.  After breaking it she dropped it on the table, stood up and walked off.  What…..? I was speechless, but only for a moment.   I exercised tremendous self-control while I forced myself not to scream or throttle this child calmly asked her why she broke it, to which she replied, “I didn’t break it.  Do you want me to buy you a new one?”    I know for a fact that this family cannot afford the extra $23.00 to replace my needles, so I told her no, but to not touch anything that didn’t belong to her. 


 Poor little needle

So,  the sock once again suspended in a state of limbo until I can replace the needles.


Last night I pulled out some mulberry silk from Crown Mountain Farms and spun several yards of what I think may finally be lace weight yarn.


Not much was completed before retiring for the night.  Today A2 has a morning orthodontist appointment and then I work… with the preschool aged kids.  They may require constant supervision and they definately secrete more bodily fluids, but they are, for the most part, sweet. 

A few more items were pulled from the garage and listed on eBay yesterday too.  I really hope to actually park there someday!  Time for more coffee.  I hope you all have a wonderful last day of spring.



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10 responses to “Grumpy McNasty

  1. Oh man! The nerve! I feel for ya, sister! I just bought some new metal needles yesterday that are a little more rigid than the bamboo needles I was using–they were just too whippy for me to feel comfortable. I felt like I was knitting with rubber bands. They’re Susan Bates Quicksilver needles, 7 inches. I’ll let you know how they feel. The yarn bank is going out of business. Everything is 25% off. Do you need anything? (Want anything?)
    Love, K

  2. Amazing bit of self control. Times like that I find myself thinking I should perfect my needle felting skills so that I can make a therapeutic caricature doll at the same time as working out the aggression. What needle is that?

  3. Its amazing what children do to get attention!! I am so sorry about your needle – the sock does look great!!

  4. What a little monster!!! Bad enough she snaps your needle, but then she lies about it! I’d be Grumpy McNasty too!!

  5. Little snot. Of course, she’s at that age where they try their hand at lying, but you still want to give ’em a good swift kick in the butt. And, the gall to offer to pay for them. Serenity now, serenity now. Oh, girl, when are you gonna actually be able to quit that job? Of course the money is good, but I honestly thought you had quit.

  6. I’ve been thinking about it and decided that you should talk to the girl the next day and say that you want her to pay for the one needle that she broke. I think that if her family cannot come up with $6 to pay for the needle (I know they sell them in sets of 4, but I’m trying to be practical here), then she can work it off for you. Help you wind some yarn or weed your garden or clean your toilets. Put her to work for a couple hours.

  7.! Murder is probably illegal in your state, huh? I don’t have your self control.
    That looks like a nice ebony needle. I have some tiny US#3 needles, but can’t find anything longer in a 3. What are the details on the needles? You never know if someone has a broken set they’d part with.

  8. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    Can I borrow that broken needle? I can use it on the Air France associates that only want to work 9-5 hrs and there’s no one to ask WHY your child and her classmates are still stuck in the Paris airport and not on their flight to Frankfurt!!!!!!!!!!!UGH….Poor kiddos. I just hope they let them explore a little bit and aren’t stuck at the gate waiting on someone at the drop the hat to say “Let’s GO” (they’ve been there for 5+ hrs as of 630am 6/21)
    Better yet, bring it with you and we’ll both take a portion and get rid of our frustrations together 🙂

  9. Upon reading the comments, I love KarenO’s suggestion. No better time to start learning that there are consequences, lying incurs penalties or that when you break it you buy it! Although that suggestion is much easier said, then done…

  10. What a brat! You did good to restrain yourself; I probably could have up until she outright lied about breaking it. At that point it would have been very difficult not to break her in half! You are a better woman than I.

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