Happy Birthday!

On this auspicious day in 1964 my DH made his first appearance into this world in the town of Nuremburg, Germany.  His father served in the Army for many years and B’s childhood residences included Germany (twice), Washington state, Virginia, Oklahoma and North Carolina.  I’ve probably missed a few places.

B has always hated his birthday. Always.  There isn’t a single childhood picture taken on his birthday where he isn’t sobbing.  Rather than risk divorce by posting one of those,  here is a non-birthday, happy photo instead


Some facts about B: He was a Political Science major in college and watching CSPAN or any election results makes him very happy. He’s served in the Air National Guard for 23+ years.  He loves to play with anything computer-related. He hates fishing, camping, water sports, etc.  He likes beer, but it can’t be any cheap stuff from a can.  His favorite is Chimay Ale.  He’s a night owl.  He took up violin playing as an adult. His favorite on-line computer game is Enemy Territory.  He was a fencing instructor and at one point was a rated competetor. He loves science fiction.  He has one brother who is the only other surviving member of his immediate family. 

With his friend, Monty  1995 Albermarle, North Carolina


And even at the ripe old age of 43 he is still silly.  Happy Birthday B/Dad,  we love you!

More silliness 

And still more proof  of silliness (at bottom of post)

While waiting for an opportunity to run down and pick up some more dps I’ve cast on a Wisp.  It seems to be the thing to do nowdays.  The pattern is easy to memorize and it’s a great stashbuster.  Cheers y’all and happy summer too!




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4 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    lol,…and he hasn’t aged a bit 🙂 He still has that boyish look about him. Happy B’day BP…or is that Mr. HP? Either way…Stay silly!

  2. Happy Birthday, B! (I want to see the grumpy birthday pics) 🙂

  3. Give DH/B a big hug for me and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you have lots of cake and ice cream and good times.

  4. Happy, happy belated birthday to your DH – all the very best to him! Did he live in Nürnberg/Nuremburg for long? This is by far my most favorite city in Germany, so gorgeous with its old, beautifully renovated houses – it’s a feast for the eyes walking through the old parts of town there!

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