Smoke & Mirrors

This morning’s forecast:  Partly cloudy with a high of 71.  Hooray for cooler weather!


The morning sunrise over our roof line with Mt. St. Helens in the background.  We’d have a lovely view of the mountain from our living room window if not for the McMansions and condominiums erected behind our house during the last decade.  Oh well, we bought the house with its current view.

On many nights A3 voluntarily crawls into my bed and falls asleep long before the rest of the family.  She is later moved and magically awakes in her very own bed.  Last night when the bed fairy went in to complete the transfer this face was discovered:


A parental inquisition of elder siblings proved quite revealing.  It seems that the neighborhood children held a mock wedding in our backyard. A3 was the bride and this was her special “wedding make up”.  I just wish her sisters had used **water-solulable ink.  Her nuptial tattoos are sure to draw remarks and questions from curious strangers today.  I wonder who my new son-in-law is.

The more astute amongst you will notice that there has been no mention of knitting or anything fiber-related to this point (hence the “Smoke & Mirrors” reference). Only a few measly inches were added to the Wisp yesterday. 


**Edited to add a link to Wisp for Gillian. 

This weekend doesn’t look promising for knitting and spinning either.  The afore-mentioned clouds will allow me to finally get outside to clean up our overgrown yard.  This is especially important if many more civil unions will be held there.

Don’t forget to head on over to Claudia’s blog and wish her good luck on her 150 mile bike ride this weekend to raise money for the MS society.  A donation of just $10.00 will enter you into a raffle for some fantastic prizes.  Cheers!

** some gentle scrubbing on her right cheek prior to photography merely lightened the marks and turned her skin a ghastly shade of blue. We have no idea why there is one clean streak on her left cheek.  Some foreign substance must have prevented the marker from adhering during application.



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10 responses to “Smoke & Mirrors

  1. I hope you get oodles done in your yard. I will be out before dawn to work in ours. Temps 95 and humidity 1,000%. Must have been a pagan wedding. I haven’t seen alot of Presbyterians with that kind of face makeup, but then I live a sheltered life. What a view! Pulleez, even with the McMansions, Mount St. Helens? How cool is that? Oh, and there will be time for knitting and spinning. Have a great weekend, kiddo.

  2. Try a little rubbing alcohol (if her skin isn’t too sensitive). When I was a kid getting allergy shots; they would mark which shot was which with a ball point pen then use alcohol to remove the ink. I’ve since used it on some marker stains and it works. She is a very pretty bride 🙂

  3. rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Not a fun smell but it comes off pretty easily
    I learned this in college when I helped friends and roommates clean off x’s from bars

  4. I might try vaseline before taking out alcohol, or sometimes just babywipes are amazing. It’s been hot hot hot here – near 100. feh. I think summer heat is the reason for doing more spinning or knitting 😀

  5. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    lol – love the nuptual paints…(wink-wink) where was this stuff when we got married?
    Good Luck with the yard work – its been too dang hot to do much here also. Our forcast for today is 75*, but the heat index at 12:45 is already 76*…so, here is a case where looks are deceiving.
    PS – can you blow that pix into a wall mural size? I miss anything that looks like a mountain. All we have overgrown mole hills and we don’t even have moles.

  6. Rae

    That photo looks like a “drag out on prom night’ pic. Kids do some of the strangest things sometimes that really leave you thinking. But hey, at least they have an imagination, right! It could of been walls or furniture.

  7. What a beautiful sunrise photo – and I agree: Yay for cooler weather! We’re supposed to get cooler temperatures here next week, but then again, I won’t be here to enjoy them, but roasting in the heatwave of Croatia! 😉
    I totally adore that pic of A3 – oy! The ink is not water-solulable? Oops 😉 Absolutely cute shot nonetheless!

  8. Gillian

    Hello Heide,
    Long time no comment.
    I think that it might be best to just let the face decoration fade. All the effective removal chemicals are worse than what she’s wearing.
    Love the picture of Mt. St. Helen over the roof top. I must admit that hills and height and really steep bits do more for me than the sea. I’d love to go to Iceland one day to see volcanoes.
    OK so what is a Wisp? Can you direct me to a site.
    Hope to be getting back to regular blogging soon
    Cheers Gillian

  9. Hi Heide! I’ve seen pictures like A3 before, but they’re usually the faces of very drunk college co-eds. Good luck on the removal! Kelly’s down working on the drywall today–he took the weekend off for Shop Hop (OK, so I could do shop hop and he could stay and play with the kiddos. I don’t know what a wisp is either. Is it like a light shawl?
    Love, Karen

  10. Oh that is funny. I once went in to check on my youngest and discovered her asleep with her swimming goggles on and an ice-cream bucket on her head. She told me next morning that she was playing ‘underwater diving’ and must have fallen asleep before removing the equipment. :o)))

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