Ups and downs

I was awake with coffee in hand to greet the sunrise Tuesday morning.  The Hogwart’s Socks Swap socks had been completed and the package assembled the night before.  I eschewed an owl and opted for muggle post.  Mailing the box brought both a sense of accomplishment as well as the usual questions with mailing a swap package, such as “Will the socks fit? Will she like it? Should I have done more?, etc.”

And because I didn’t have work yesterday I stayed home and cleaned the garage. This job has been haunting me since October when we took possession of this house.  Anyway, boxes were opened and the contents sorted into “keep, toss, and sell” piles.  So much progress was made there that I could see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel… or in this case bits of the floor. 


By mid-afternoon a sense of accomplishment morphed into cockiness. Mental plans were made for interior house painting and pouring a concrete backyard patio.  With a few more days off from work I could have this house in tip-top shape!  I ventured into the house for a drink of water only to discover that a tornado, or three in this case, had ravaged the family room, bathroom, hallway and the kitchen.  The house was eerily quiet and the culprits were no place to be found.  It didn’t take long to locate them and they were apprehended red-handed, or should I say brown-handed, in the back yard.


Aaaaah!  They had dug a hole and made a mudpit.  The smiles on these faces?  They were replaced by pouts as the girls were hosed off, told to strip off the muddy clothes at the back door, get dressed and pick up the messes inside the house. I love them dearly, but somedays they drive me crazy.  And now we have a large hole to fill in before someone breaks an ankle.

Not too much later my husband called to let me know that he would be working late. His national guard unit had lost a plane and he needed to set up equipment for the investigation teams. The outlook was grim when he finally left work and returned home in the evening.  This morning’s news confirmed everyone’s worst fears as an announcement was made that the pilot’s body was recovered.  We didn’t know the pilot , but my heart goes out to his family.  Work is going to be somber for them all as a loss like this hits pretty hard.  It really puts trivial things like messy houses and muddy kids into perspective.

I work this morning and four packages need to be prepped and mailed from ebay sales.  No knitting was done yesterday, but maybe today a few rows can be sneaked in.  Cheers.



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4 responses to “Ups and downs

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the pilot. I’d been concerned after hearing about them finding his plane. Of course your swap pal will be thrilled with the things you send. Stop doubting yourself. You rock at swaps. Oh, there’s something I’ve noticed about children……they take alot of time don’t they? Hang in there, Mom.

  2. You know you could turn that hole into a pool. Or maybe not. Last winter huba dug a hole big enough to stand in. Right next to the canal. Oops. It took hubby and him about two hours to fill in. Kids are great….when they are sleeping. Happy Hopeful Knitting!

  3. Gillian

    I’m sure your parcels are always welcomed. You put such thought and care into them.
    As for the mud pit. well…I’ve never understood the allure of mud. Is it like walking in the rain or something?
    Cheers Gillian

  4. I heard about the pilot on the news and wondered where he was from–which unit. Sorry to hear about the loss. I had a pretty bad day, too. No one lost any planes or dug mud pits, but we lost about 100 apples off the fuji tree. Grrr…

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