That’s right, I actually knitted today!  I even sewed the buttons on the Wisp and dyed some yarn.  My 8 year old daughter (A2) took pictures and she insisted on Bonny being included… hence the odd angle and the unhappy kitty cat. 


 This project will be added to the woefully empty Christmas 2007 gift box.  It used up one skein of sock yarn from my stash for this shawl/scarf and it was perfect to work on while multi-tasking, holding a conversation, etc. because the pattern was so simple.  The original was made of mohair, but I prefer working with less fluffy fibers. Mohair makes me itchy.

The buttons, picked up from Hancock Fabric, worked perfectly with this shawl but I’d like to pick up another card so spares will be had should one get lost (biggify picture below to see buttons).  They are some sort of shell and I can’t remember if there were any more.


The yarn in the dyepot is handspun, but not by me.  It’s part of a stealth (meaning if it doesn’t work out that pictures will never be posted and nobody in blogland will be the wiser because it’s never been shown) knit.   I really did intend to wear gloves through the entire process, but I just get so carried away that even after the gloves come off I have to poke at it.


Tomorrow afternoon the girls and I are driving out to the coast to visit my parents. This weekend is the annual Fourth of July parade in Tokeland, WA.  Yes, this is a real place and no, it isn’t full of pot-heads… that I know of anyway.  Mostly it’s just vacation homes, retirees and some local fishermen.  My DH has to stay home and work.  This time of year there isn’t a lot happening on the cranberry farm so we should have a nice visit with my parents and grandpa.



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8 responses to “knitting

  1. Love the wisp! Love your blog! LOVE MY HOGWARTS SOCK SWAP PACKAGE! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The socks are a delight (I so appreciate all of the work that went into them!!), the sock yarn is a dream and all of the other goodies were just too, too fun to open. Especially the book for Jackson. You’re awesome, Hagitha!! Totally add me to your blogroll, I’m adding you to mine and to my Google Reader right now! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Um, the cat doesn’t seem too happy with the photo session. But I love the gratuitous feline pic, and also your Wisp. You’re giving me ideas….

  3. Wisp came out great, and that’s a terrific picture of you!!! Wow. Have a wonderful weekend on your little trip to Tokeland. LOL

  4. My gosh girl, that picture looks so good. You look all modely in it. I wish I took such a good pic. The wisp is lovely. Nice work. I hope we get to see the “stealth” project and have a save trip and a wonderful visit.

  5. Have fun with Mom & Dad & all–and hey, at least they don’t live in Humptulips. I think someone was high when they named that town! Have a great 4th. We’re going to be boring and stay home, I think. Love, K

  6. I went back to look at your pictures and, you know, you look a lot like those Irish models from the sweater book. You just need a lot more heavy black eyeliner. 🙂 Fabulous!

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  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… you are a very pretty lady. :o) That’s a great photo – even if the cat wasn’t all that happy. :o)

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