Going Postal?

Our postal carrier is driving me crazy.   Of course I’m sure it isn’t her fault, but I blame her just the same.  You see, I’ve ordered some more roving as well as the yarn for the MS3 KAL. In addition to those packages I was fortunate enough to win not one, but two prizes from Claudia’s MS bike ride and they will be arriving sometime soon.  Then there’s the June shipment from Mama-E’s Crazy Eight sock Club.  And as if all of this anticipation weren’t enough, there is the Hogwart’s Sock Swap package which will be shipping sometime during the next 3 weeks.  

I’m not a greedy person, but even the most saintly and patient of knitters would be anxious.  Each time her jeep pulls up and she shoves a wad of bills and junk mail into my box without a package key I want to chase after her.   Part of me  (the immature and emotional part) wants to stick my arm in her open window, shake my fist and demand that she surrender the booty.  The logical “adult” part of me says to be patient.  That the packages will arrive in due time.  That this poor woman probably doesn’t even know how to knit and would therefore have no interest in my parcels.  I just hope that the logical part of me can continue to prevail.  If not it could get ugly.



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3 responses to “Going Postal?

  1. Maybe things are delayed because of the holiday? Hah, I know, not really a good enough excuse.
    Soon. VERY VERY soon.

  2. Don’t you just hate/love the anticipation? Drives me crazy, but it’s so exciting. Makes getting the bills almost tolerable (almost). And, hey, I’m soooooo thrilled for you and DH to get to see HP early. That is too exciting for words (I’m such a geek). I’ll be out of town for the delivery of the final book, so I’m getting Peanut to pick it up and read it over the weekend. I’ll bet it’s available everywhere this time. Have a terrific weekend and take good care.

  3. That makes me think…I need to buy some roving for needle felting a project for Ithra. Can you recommend a good site to order from? I need some golden yellow which will get felted onto a red background. Love, K

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