Lucky Muggles!

We survived another Fourth of July unscathed by wayward fireworks.  Thank goodness for a tile roof or this may not have been the case.  Our neighbors, the ones who seldom leave their homes, ventured out to set off piles and piles of fireworks.  Our yard, roof and gutters look like a ticker-tape parade took place.   All in all it was a very relaxing holiday.

Lots of knitting was accomplished, but I’m not at liberty to show pictures at this point in time.  Some dyeing and spinning took place as well.

And in other news, my DH and I were able to buy tickets to see a pre-screening of Harry Potter.  It will take place on Tuesday, July 10th at Cinetopia! And because we’ll be in the living room portion, which doesn’t allow minors, it will be almost like a daytime date!  I’m very excited about this upcoming outing.  Now if I could only find a way to get an early copy of book 7 then I’d be the happiest of HP fans. 



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2 responses to “Lucky Muggles!

  1. Fi

    Happy 4th to you and your’s, Heide!

    Sounds like you had a great time. Love the idea of a daytime movie date with Mr Serendipitous (for you…not me!) Mr Fitknit and I sometimes get to do that and it is so relaxing! Enjoy.

  2. You are, by far, the luckiest wizards I know! What kind of a spell did you use to get the tickets?? I will have to be content with the release of the movie and having to see it with the rest of the muggles. Emma is so anxious to see it! We have our pre-ordered copy of book 7 due to arrive on release day…which means someone at Amazon gets to SEE the book a couple days before! Those are some lucky muggles!
    Love, K

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