A Sock Story

18 months and thousands of postal miles are behind these humble socks. 


Here is their story…

In January of 2006 I joined Secret Pal 7 and was fortunate enough to have Cindy assigned as my spoiler.  For nearly three months I received messages, treats, and even my first ever drop spindle.  Hours were spent vainly trying to unmask her secret identity.  Being the sympathetic soul that she is, and sensing my growing frustration, she eventually left enough clues that even the most inept of computer/internet users (that would be me) found her blog.  There I discovered that Cindy lives in St. Louis with her mother and a slew of happy and lucky critters.  She is an avid reader, knitter, spinner and Auntie to two very lucky young ladies.  All in all, a warm and wonderful person. To thank Cindy for all of her thoughtfulness I sent her a token thank you package with some roving for her wheel.  We continued to write following the completion of SP7.

Later that year our family was facing some rough times due to unemployment, chronic illness and just  daily trials and tribulations… you know, the kind of stuff that doesn’t kill you, but that people like me complain about on our blogs.  Well, to cheer me up dear Cindy sent me a lovely surprize package. 


 Included in the package were two cakes of her very own handspun yarn from the roving I had sent her.  These were tucked away in with my special stash yarn.  I didn’t know what to make with the lovely, squishy wool, but I knew it couldn’t be just any old hat or scarf. 

Fast forward to February of 2007 and Cindy’s 39th birthday.  Her nieces had purchased her the IK Sock Pattern book and yarn.  Her mother was buying her a new spinning wheel.  Not knowing the state of Cindy’s stash I opted for an unimaginative and  non-committal gift certificate. But to compensate for the lack-o-imagination the certificate was to Scout’s Swag (one of the most awesome places to get a fiber fix).   She chose several lovely rovings.

Remember when I told you that Cindy is kind and generous?  Well last month she mailed me the Apple Ruth Lane roving so I could practice with the drop spindle.  I’m a terrible spinner and her willingness to sacrifice something so lovely to such a lost cause had me gobsmacked.

Before a spindle touched this roving I knew exactly what to do with it.  The two coveted skeins of handspun Cindy had sent me last year were pulled from the stash basket.  Cindy’s white handspun yarn took a bath


in order to coordinate better with my handspun.


Cindy’s green handspun already matched nicely.  All of this yarn would be needed in order to create two pairs of socks.  Both were made without patterns and I tried several different knitting methods.  The first were knitted substituting two circulars for the traditional double points. They were still knitted top down and one at a time though.  It was only because of Cindy’s encouragement that I tried this method. 


Learning something new for the first pair felt so invigorating that the second pair were knitted two at a time, toe-up (to ensure that all of the yarn was used).


During the aforementioned fiber travels and swapping Cindy and I faced many changes in our lives.  Some of them were traumatic, such as our move to a new city and Cindy’s  loss of her beloved Dylan Thomas. But most challenges, triumphs, etc. were of the mundane variety.  Regardless of the occurence, big or small Cindy always had a kind, humorous or encouraging word to offer.

So, the destiny of  the socks shown above?  The green pair on the left are mine.  The blue pair on the right are for Cindy.  Currently they are making a final cross country journey to their new home in St. Louis. And someday, should we ever meet in person,  we can wear our matching socks!  They may be “rustic” but I love them. They chronicle our friendship.   Thank you dear friend!



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10 responses to “A Sock Story

  1. CindyCindy

    I am speechless and stunned. What an amazing kind, thoughtful and caring gift. The socks are beautiful and the care and craft are exquisite. Dear friend, you have touched my soul. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart. And, yes, we will meet wearing our gorgeous matching socks and knowing us, it will be 98 and raining.

  2. Wow!! I think I need to spend more time with you and have you help me through a sock (or two) during a weekend retreat. Maybe I’ll get a chance to wander down your way soon.
    Love, K

  3. Fi

    What a beautiful story, Heide and Cindy. Thanks so much for sharing. There is a special magic when knitters get together. And you two will…and you will post pictures!

  4. That is just amazing. And a great story, too.

  5. Rae

    very pretty socks. I love the colors. The friendship that you have you remarkable!

  6. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    Wow! You make me want to cry…and learn how to knit. I may just have to add a few $$ to my daughters account to see what lovely yarn she can find in her travels around Germany. Not to mention save a few for a mom & daughter knitting lesson to make some for us, as well as friends. I learned how to knit many many moons ago when I was in 4-H and younger than my daughter is now, but I have forgotten how over all those moons. Now I quilt. I may just have to add knitting to my resume` again and see what I can muster up. Apparently friendships are created with knitting 🙂 May your friendship last a lifetime!

  7. What an absolutely amazing story of a wonderful friendship! I so agree with you, Cindy is such a warmhearted and kind person – and so are you, and thus the both of you will definitely get to meet one day! I’d love to see the pics then, you’ll be having the most awesome time! Thanks for sharing this great story – and yay for the socks, I absolutely adore them! Beautiful colors too!

  8. Thanks for sharing such a sweet and wonderful story!

  9. Are the green socks your first ever kept for your self??? Most excellent!

  10. What a lovely post. Cindy sounds like one in a million. :o)

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