Time to knit

Saturday my yarn arrived from WEBS for the MysteryStole3 knit along.  The pattern suggestion was to use black or white, but neither color appealed to me so I went with Copper instead.  It is a blend of wool and silk. There are lots of browns and earth tones in my wardrobe so should I actually finish this then it will be wearable. And sticking with the whole scheme I opted for real copper beads as well.  They are subtle and surprizingly lightweight which should prevent them from being too flashy (I’m not a glitzy person) or from stretching the shawl.


I’m about a week behind the crowd, only being about 3/4 of the way through Chart A of clue 1.  Catching up isn’t a concern though.  I’d rather go slow and not have to send this to the frog pond.  The last time I looked over 6,000 knitters  had joined this KAL.  It will be interesting to see the various color and bead choices and to see how they effect the outcome of these shawls.


This now makes FOUR WIPs.  I need to finish these up before starting something else.  Darn that knitting ADD anyway.



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9 responses to “Time to knit

  1. V

    YAY! You got it! It’s really beautiful. 🙂 WEBS is just about an hour or so from me….and thank god its that far. It is a VERY dangerous place!

  2. I’m loving that copper color. It’s a nice choice, I think, than plain ol’ black or white.

  3. Rae

    The copper is awesome awesome awesome!

  4. ooooh! That is so pretty! I’ve been thinking and yearning for something beady. I’ve been thinking this is the year for socks for Christmas….(and she heads over to HeartStrings).

  5. I guess I’ll just reiterate what everyone else has said…..the copper is beautiful. I love it with the copper beads. Nice stylin’ girl. As I knew, you are making good time.

  6. KADD!!!!!! That’s me to a “T”. I’ve got it badd. The choice of copper for the mystery shawl is a good one. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. This yarn is to die for, seriously – the color as well as the fact that it’s a wool/silk blend – I can only imagine how good it’s going to feel on the skin. But my gosh, the color… absolutely awesome! Looking forward to seeing many progress shots!

  8. outdoorluvnrookiequiltr

    Love that earthy tone – just like it’s new owner! Perfect or much closer to perfect than that routine black and white stuff! 😉 It’s gonna look awesome on you when your done making whatever the mystery look is! You go girl!

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