Thank you for all of the well-wishes and encouraging comments regarding my birthday!  Wallowing in a self-inflicted valley of gloom and despair proved impossible, even though I was quite determined that turning 40 marked the end of life as I knew it.

Reading about the goals that each of us has for our lives really pointed out how grounded and similar we all are.  Nobody wished to win the lottery, rule the world, look like supermodels or drive a Ferrari.  Most people just want to lead happy, fulfilled and quiet lives.  Goals ranged from belly dancing to raising responsible children.  In addition many hoped to write books of one kind or another and some of the more industrious have already began!  Apparently the medias’ portrayal of everyone being Paris Hilton wannabes and  striving for excessive riches and oppulance is mere tripe.  How refreshing! 

Now on to the winning entry.  All comments were placed into a state of the art random selection machine, overseen by an impartial official. 


And the winner is…


Rae! Please email me with your snail mail address Miss Rae.  It may be a few days before the prize is mailed out though.  I know that goal was to reduce my stash, but parting with it was really hard. So I ordered some Socks that Rock for the prize.

In addition to the wonderful birthday wishes there were some very unexpected surprizes here as well. Miss Cindy sent me a gift certificate to Crown Mountain Farms!  It is one of my favorite on-line shopping destinations and the only problem will be deciding how to spend it.


And S over at KitKatKnits gave me a copy of the new book, “The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook“.  The colorwork and socks are really amazing and I have an uncontrollable urge to dye roving.


And as if this wasn’t enough to make a girl’s (or middle-aged woman’s) head spin then how about this addition to my knitting corner…


My loving family picked me up a SPINNING WHEEL! I insisted on finding something used and basic, although my DH was willing to buy new and spend more.  My thoughts are that should the wheel and I not develop a fulfilling relationship that an eBay-esque separation can take place with no loss to anyone involved. What we found was a great deal on a lightly-used Louet 15 wheel outfitted with a WooLee Winder spinner. I’ve not had an opportunity to try it out yet, but my girls have all practiced treadling and proclaim themselves to be excellent “spinners”.


I have a feeling that the gift certificate to Crown Mountain Farms is destined for roving!

And as if all of this weren’t overwhelming, a second package from KitKatKnits arrived.  This one was for correctly identifying the origins of a dog from a classic and well-known painting.  For the record, I was happy with bragging rights! The prize included an insulated bag, just perfect for carrying small knitting projects, an adorable sheep tape measure, two rubber duckies and a set of adorable stitch markers. 


The last time I checked nobody had yet identified the origin of the cat in her newest contest.  I spent over an hour searching classic paintings on-line last night, but to no avail.  I hope that somebody finds an answer soon or I’m going to go crazy!

In knitting news, I finally finished the first clue of the MS3.  Clue 4 comes out tomorrow, so I’m still embarrassingly tardy, but so far I’ve not had to rip it out.



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9 responses to “THANK YOU!

  1. CindyCindy

    What an incredible birthday. How exciting. A spinning wheel with a woolee winder? I cannot believe how cool that is. You lucky. I know you will love it. Louet is a great name. I’m thrilled for you. I have the Twisted Sisters book and it is absolutely filled with cool ideas. What a great birthday. And, also, congrats to Rae!!! Take care kiddo and have a terrific weekend.

  2. I have a little something for you, too, but I didn’t want to mail it too early, and now your birthday has actually passed. And it’s sitting at home in my cupboard. Oh, well. Early or late, I hope you enjoy it. I’ll mail it on Monday. I also searched for a couple hours, but couldn’t find it. I’m thinking it’s one of the Dutch painters–van Eyck, maybe? Perhaps Durer or Rembrandt or da Vinci? I don’t know. It’s a grouchy looking cat…

  3. What a great birthday you had. Love the spinning wheel. Looking forward to seeing lots of newly spun yarn in future. Oh and congrats to Rae too. :o)

  4. Congratulations on the wheel! It was not so long ago you were considering giving up spinning altogether, but we seem to have roped you back in…

    And I admit it. I have a problem with Crown Mountain Farms. As in I own a LOT of fiber from Teyani. I took pictures of it for Ravelry yesterday and it made me sit down and predraft some in anticipation of NOW! Bye!

  5. Rae

    Happy B-lated Birthday! Things are getting better. Junior had surgery on Thursday, took a couple of steps today and should be home in couple more days. Thank you for your supporting comments.

  6. Gillian

    What a fabulous trove. The wheel will be so much fun. I’m settling down for a day of combing to prepare for more spinning. The weather is so rotten here it’s a perfect passtime.
    Cheers Gillian

  7. Oh, this sounds like the perfect birthday indeed – and what an amazingly great spinning wheel you’ve got! Have a lot of fun with it – but then again, I know you will 😉

  8. Congrats on your special day, and happy belated greetings! Everything looks so awesome.

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