Well Hello and Howdy Do!

Another blessedly uneventful week has passed.  Among the usual daily activities some moments of levity and relaxation were enjoyed.

One humorous event… discovering that Sasha, my daughter’s female parakeet, LOVES shredded carrots. We returned home  from an overnight trip to find her looking like this…


I finished my cotton bolero jacket/shrug only to discover that it fits horribly. 


My goal was create something to slip on during summer evenings to keep my shoulders warm.  About the only thing I like about it is the color.  This was made with Henry’s Attic 100% cotton which I dyed to resemble worn denim.  It will be frogged this week and re-made… eventually.  I need a break first.

Lots of spinning and even some dyeing has been done.  I knitted a hat out of the tussah silk/camel blend and plain tussah silk spun last month.  It’s really soft and squishy.  The hat now resides in the Christmas box. Clams won’t stand a chance when the digger dons this lucky headgear.


In addition to spinning on the wheel I also pulled out a drop spindle and added a few more yards of lace weight from the Mulberry silk.


And finally, during a phone call with my younger brother this afternoon he divulged that he has listed a handmade (by him)berry scoop on eBay.  One of these lovely scoops resides atop the wardrobe in my dining room.  The design is based on antique cranberry scoop, but at 1/3 of the size it is perfect for harvesting blueberries. He is quite a talented woodworker and I’m thinking about dropping some not-so-subtle hints to him regarding drop spindle construction, wooden needle cases, sock blocking forms, etc.


This is the one he’s currently selling.

Off to take a hot bath behind a locked door.  Cheers!



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5 responses to “Well Hello and Howdy Do!

  1. Dang–maybe I should send him a copy of Lynn the Weaver’s loom pattern and see if he can work one up for me! Glad to hear you’re making some process on the Xmas presents. I don’t have anything started yet, and after we buy a house down south, I think it’ll be handmade gifts for everyone!
    Love, K

  2. Sorry about the bolero.

  3. My Lord, girl. The handspun handknit cap is beautiful! You’re productivity is amazing. I am sorry about the bolero. I have had a run of disappointing (re: crappy looking) products and took a bit of a “time out” to regroup. How long before school starts? Our schools start between 8-13 and 8-20. It gets earlier and earlier every year. And Sasha is an enthusiastic carrot eater, isn’t she? Take care of yourself!

  4. Wow, the berry picker is neat!

  5. The Clamdigger Cap will be all the rage on the clam flats! Very fancy. And, yet, fashionable, too.

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