You know what?

I don’t know if I really want to knit MS3.  It looked wonderful at first, but a little more narrow than I wanted.  As the weeks have passed I’ve not made much knitting progress on my own (part way through clue 2), but I’ve made sure to print out the charts and I’ve followed others’ progress via pictures.  I couldn’t wait to see the center motif  and to discover how the beads would be used to highlight that center motif.  This was only my second time knitting with beads and I was excited to discover the theme.  But after seeing that clue 5 creates a wedge shape along one side of the stole I’m beginning to think that this might be it, with the other side simply mirroring the first.  Being new to stole knitting I’ll go out on a limb here and assume that this wedge creates a collar-type opening in the center?  Maybe not.  Anyway, I was kind of hoping for a different pattern in the middle.  I’m not going to frog this until I see what others’ finished stoles look like. And I’ll keep printing out the charts, but I don’t know if I’ll invest much knitting time in it for now.

Hopefully I’ve not offended or alienated anybody out there knitting this.  I don’t dislike it.  However, my knitting time is limited and I’m a slow knitter. This is a pretty big commitment.

Speaking of commitments… I’m going to follow Erin’s lead and make an effort to alter my family’s diet. Lots more local produce and less processed foods will be included.  We already eat primarily whole grain breads, cereal and rice.  I’m also going to get out and walk and play more with the girls.  We took a nice long walk this evening.  Who knows, maybe in addition to feeling better some extra weight might come off too. 

This weekend we’ll be attending my husband’s Squadron’s family picnic. I’ve not had an opportunity to meet many people since he’s changed units.  I hope that there will be children for my girls to play with and that it isn’t too hot.   I’m going to sneak along a small knitting project to bring out when my DH is busy schmoozing socializing.  I’m thinking STR Puck’s Mischief and a simple cable pattern.  One of the few co-workers of his whom I’ve met is a fellow knitter.  Maybe she’ll show up with needles and yarn too! 



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9 responses to “You know what?

  1. Gillian

    I must admit I feel sort of holy and fulfilled when I eat local and seasonal stuff. Luckily we have lots of farm shops and farmers markets around here. Barnard Castle does a beauty.
    Cheers Gillian

  2. From reading the comments and seeing a rough, undetailed drawing of the final product, the ‘other side’ will not be mirroring the first… Clues 5 through 7 will create a wing off of one side. Given the bead count that Melanie used, I’m thinking this will be a heavily beaded wing. I think (but don’t know) that the wedge will continue down to a feather-y edge, rather than the straight long edge/pointy first edge.

    The upper edge that will go along your shoulders and neck will be straight the entire way across. By Clue 7 the wedge will meet up with the lower edge… the remaining mystery is how the stole ends. Melanie did say that the Clue 4/Clue 5 – 7 joining edge will be at about your right shoulder.

    I’m almost finished clue 2 myself. 🙂 This will be a unique design (if almost 6000 shawls in knitting-dom will be unique), though several are making another Clue 1 – 4 half and joining the two halves for a symmetrical stole.

  3. V

    Yeah, my MS3 progress has stalled as well. I’m just not sure about the wing thing. I was looking at it like a glorified scarf b/c I’m not really much of a stole wearer, but I don’t think that idea really works with the wing. I’m waiting for a while to see some finished products before I decide what to do with it. I loved it so much at first….I’m sort of sad to not be so in love with it now.

  4. Cindy

    It looks like several of us are hesitant on the MS3. I did get an eamil about making it symmetrical, but I’m still unsure. I heartily agree about the eating locally idea. We do it and it is worth it. Food is so much better. And cabled socks with Puck’s Mischief? Beautiful. Take care and it sounds like you’re feeling much better.

  5. I’m with you on the MS3 thing. I’m somewhere in clue 4, but keeping it on hold until I decide what I want to do.

  6. My yarn has only just been shipped and I’m not even home to get it. I have a feeling it will go to some other shawl project, but I’m glad to have 1200 yards of gray Zephyr regardless!

  7. Marion

    If I’m the co-worker, I won’t be there. I’m not in the same unit and I don’t work weekends (yeah) since I’m a civilian. But if I was I would definitely bring the knitting along. I’m doing the MS3 and I’m on clue 3. I’m going to finish it – I don’t know when – with the wing and all. Whether I ever wear it is another matter. I’m glad you are feeling better and I hope to see you sometime soon.

  8. Personally, the wing does nothing for me – however, I didn’t sign up for MS3 so I should probably keep my opinion to myself ;o)

    I hope you’re feeling better!!

  9. I think we’re all in the same mind-set – try to be more active and healthy. I’ll be glad to get back to the routine of school time. I may be indulgent but I remember my lazy summers fondly so feel the kids should do what they want, if it’s possible.

    Smallest one got her clothes at Kohls. Love Kohls…don’t know where I’d be without it. Next to smallest one got much more (she’s grown more) and it’s very different stuff – all pinks and reds, and very trendy for middle school.

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